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7 Fun Date Ideas For a 1st Anniversary

Written by: Lizzie Howard

Dating someone new always feels rather exciting. Once you’ve made it to 1 year, you’ve got a reason to celebrate. So many relationships never get to that point. On your anniversary, you should do something memorable and fun. Here are 7 ideas of what you can do to create some great memories on your 1st anniversary.

1. Visit a Romantic Bed and Breakfast Somewhere Out of State

We’d recommend traveling to a state that’s not too far away. But, simply going to a new state feels a little enchanting. Most of the time, we’re too busy with our daily lives to do much traveling. Life can pass by without ever taking a trip if you’re not proactive.


By visiting somewhere new, you’ll automatically make the day feel memorable. A good bed and breakfast would just make things even better. When you’re there, you won’t have anything to think about other than your partner. That’s really what your anniversary should be about anyway, isn’t it?

2. Create Your Own Custom Memorabilia

Order a few packets of custom stationery. Then, spend the evening drafting a few creative ideas with your partner. At the end of the night, hold a contest to see which of your ideas they like the most.


You’ll get to do something creative with your partner, and they’ll love doing it with you. Plus, you’ll have something to remember the night afterward. Years later, you’ll both look at your creations and smile.

3. Recreate Your First Date

Where did you take your partner on your first date? If you haven’t been there again, it might be time to pay it a visit. Sure, it’s not as spontaneous as some ideas.


But, the important thing is that it’s meaningful to both of you. Try to recreate each moment for the first date, including the embarrassing ones. It’ll be like an inside joke for just the two of you.

4. Spend the Night on the Beach Under the Stars

Something about staring at stars while listening to waves crash transports somewhere else.


Bring a picnic with you so you’ll have something to do. If you can find a private beach, you might not even get to the picnic. Before the sunrise, take a few moments to just lay back and enjoy the moment. You’ll both remember how the sky looks this night.

5. Cross Something Off Your Bucket List

Surely, you’ve got something you’ve always wanted to do? Your anniversary would be the perfect time to cross it off your list. Everybody has something they’ve wanted to do but never had the chance. If you don’t, your partner definitely does. Help them achieve one of their dreams on that night. It’ll definitely make them feel valued.

6. Rent a Kayak and Travel Down a River

Perhaps, you’re more of an outdoorsy person. In that case, you’d love kayaking down a river. Kayaks don’t cost a whole lot to rent. And, you might even decide you’d like to buy one. However, for your anniversary, you don’t have to spend too much. Just rent one and make sure you go somewhere exotic.


Look up the best rivers in the surrounding area. Of course, you’ll need to plan things according to the weather. A minor shower shouldn’t derail your plans, but a monsoon might. Still, you can always keep a backup plan in your back pocket.

7. Hike to the Peak of the Nearest Mountain

Do you live somewhere relatively close to the mountains? This would be another great idea for active couples. If you’ve never hiked to the peak, your anniversary would be a great occasion.


Hiking all the way to the top should take pretty much all day. And, you’ll be spending it with your partner surrounded by nature. How could you get any more romantic?

Celebrating Your 1st Anniversary

Above all, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. More than likely, your anniversary won’t go exactly how you planned it. That’s not a bad thing, though. The most important thing during your anniversary is enjoying time with each other. As long as you’re able to do that, it’ll be a night to remember.

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