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7 Things it Takes for a Girl Boss to Level UP

By : Phillip Washington 

“When you work for a company, they give you a retirement package.  As a #girlboss with my own business, what do I need to know to create my own?”

  1. What Age would you like to be in a position to work because you want to,  NOT because you have to (the new definition of retirement)?
  2. How stocks, bonds and mutual funds make you money over time and what they are?
  3. How to calculate how much money you need to invest monthly?
  4. How to estimate how much money your investment portfolio will likely earn over time?
  5. What does your investment portfolio need to look like to reach your retirement goal?
  6. How to become a successful investor?
  7. How to reach your retirement goal, pay off debt and educate your kids with limited resources?

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