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Reasons Why Cardi B Flourishing in 2017 Will Continue

By: Thaddeus Williams

Cardi B just keeps making money moves.  The 24 year old icon continues to fill our hearts with her quick witted antidotes and a bubbly personality that could stretch across a football field. As you may have heard Cardi B has a song out now called Bodak Yellow and to quote her “These expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes.”. Personally I can’t identify with that rap bar but the energy it gives off when rapped by women of all races in a group setting is undefeated right now. 

Yes, Cardi’s flow is derived from Kodak Black’s 2015 hit “No Flockin” and the track title is a play off Kodak’s name but that doesn’t discourage the fact that the song is a smash hit! From being a stripper turned internet personality turned reality star, Cardi’s rise is a journey many women from her birthplace of Bronx, NY and now all over the world can relate to.  She’s unapologetic, she’s sexy and she’s hilariously audacious.  Cardi’s newfound celebrity has come with many obstacles, but she has been able to withstand the pressures of the music industry and conquer the early criticism of social media’s gauntlet. 

Cardi remains steadfast in both her talent and identity as a woman working to solidify her place in pop culture.  The number of reality stars that have been able to form a superstar music career after leaving the show is second to one.  However, in this climate of millennial music culture, the want for something new is always in high demand.  Now granted, before Bodak Yellow’s release she also had the record “Lick” featuring Offset that has a video of 14 million views on YouTube, and featured in HBO’s hit show “Insecure”. 

Cardi did not stop there as she recently re-released her single Bodak Yellow in Spanish, calling it the “Latin Trap Mix”.  Cardi said she felt inspired by her Dominican family roots and features Latin trap star Messiah who also hails from New York City.  Cardi teased the record at the Dominican Day Parade this past month while on her float. According to Cardi, The Latin Trap Remix is giving people who cannot speak English a voice to support the Bodak Yellow brand.  Currently, Bodak Yellow is number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 List and contending with Wild Thoughts and Despacito for number 1. 

The former reality tv star has not shunned away from the spotlight as she continues making videos showing her vibrant personality as she constantly thanks her fans and shows her family outings when she is home.  Cardi still lives by her famous quote of, “the regular schmegular girl from the Bronx,”.  Cardi has expressed numerous times in numerous interviews that she is on a mission to grind for her family and to continue her success as a rap artist.  Since she’s put out Bodak Yellow, rumors have thrived about beef with her and Nicki Minaj.  The former reality star dispelled the rumors after doing a interview with Spanish clique Rapeton by saying “It is an honor being compared to her, it is something great, why wouldn’t I want to be compared or confused to somebody that’s a icon in the hip hop world.”. 

Cardi’s run is going amazing right now but can she stand the test of the microwave machine that is the music industry business? Will her rap career be a Usain Bolt sprint or a Jemima Sumgong, Olympic marathon run? That is the million dollar question that’s unknown.  What we do know is that her Bentley Bentayga SUV Truck bandwagon is filling up with new fans each day and you better hop on before she moves past you.

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