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[Girlfriends of Culture] 10 Ways To Survive The Holidays While Being Single


The Culture Supplier – Marcus Gilmore

Now, its ok to be single and be knowing how to operate during the holidays single is a task in itself.

You may be the single girl/guy at the office holiday party and won’t have a date to bring home for the holidays so you’ll be pressed by your parents, cousins, aunties and uncles as to why you doesn’t have a significant other.

We have some tips from to help you out

1.Find an escort for the holidays – No, we don’t mean a paid one. Do you have a good platonic friend that doesn’t mind standing in for a “real” date? Maybe you know someone else who’s also single who also needs a stand-in holiday date.When folks ask you who he/she is, you can always just look shy and say ‘We’re just getting to know each other,’ or something equally vague.

2. Volunteer – there are people who have it worse than you during the holidays. Instead of focusing on your sad, single status, maybe volunteering at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen or building a home with Habitat for Humanity.

3. Cook  – If your cooking skills are up to par, offer to cook for the holidays. Once you put together an amazing menu of mouth-watering foods for the family, you won’t be asked as much about your relationship status, because no one will want to offend you and miss out on free food.

4. Deflect – Now, this all depends on the kind of family you have. If you have the kind of family that appreciates witty banter, and can handle the dozens and a good clapback, then a flippant response to a nosy question might work.



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