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How to Grow Your Faith While Growing Your Empire

By : Alexandria Traylor |

Okay boo. So here’s the deal, you cannot bloom all alone. You absolutely need some type of guidance. Your leadership should derive from someone who knows more than you and someone who will never steer you wrong, nor give up on you or what is promised to be yours. You should be led by the all-knowing, divine Holy Spirit. Your plans may succeed in 2017, but they will not be as grandiose as God’s plans for you once you submit to His will. Just as your empire should evolve and grow, so should your faith in His works for your life. Let your life be lit in the name of Jesus! If you don’t know how or where to start, don’t worry I’ve got you covered.


Bible Study Plans

Being immersed in God’s word daily is the foundation to prosperity in all aspects of your life, especially in your business or passion project. Daily Bible study plans are a great way to keep your spiritual tank filled as well as an instant source of energy and inspiration at the inception of each day.


Automated study plans are a reliable source of God’s word. You are guaranteed to receive a word whether you remember or not. Even if you do not check for the email, it will be sitting in your application or inbox waiting, inviting, you to open and read it. You are guaranteed to read something fresh and invigorating every single day. If you miss a few days, you have the liberty to read and study as much as you can on a down day. Bible study plans are great because they give you a place to start reading the Bible if you have no idea where to start.


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P31 Woman

She Reads Truth

Saved in the City

Sprinkle of Jesus


Modern Versions of the Bible

One of the things that aided in the biggest year of my spiritual growth was getting my hands on a Bible that I could actually understand. Purchase a bible version that is written similarly to today’s modern language. Research the origin of the bible version to ensure that it is remains closely along the lines of the original written interpretation of the Hebrew or Greek translation of God’s word.


Purchase multiple versions of the Bible. The wording of some versions can have a greater impact or meaning on your situation than another. You will be able to gain a new perspective and insight on whatever God is currently bringing you through. You can literally hear God’s voice speak to you. After all, that is why the Bible is also called the word of God. You will be able to clearly hear God’s voice while learning about His character.


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New International Version

New Living Translation

Holman Christian Standard Bible
Interactive & Insightful Faith Based Books

I love books and reading. You will be able to gain knowledge from other Christians that have been through life and are bold enough to tell others about the grace the God has extended to them. You do not always have to go through an experience to learn about the goodness of Christ. Allow the blessings and faith of others to move and inspire you according to God’s word. Scavenge around on Amazon books for well written faith books. If you are unsure of buying, before you purchase, Amazon has a feature that allows you to look into the first few pages of the book. Interact with the book. Be sure to highlight, write in the margins, pluck out quotes that ring true for your life. Find your favorite books and read them time and time again. Don’t be stingy, share! Share your favorites to spread God’s grace amongst friends, coworkers, and even complete strangers.


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Own Your Life

Eat. Pray. Love.


28 Day Devotional for the Future Dreamers & Doers

Heather Lindsey

Joyce Meyers

C.S. Lewis


Faith Filled Blogs

Read about other’s personal trials and triumphs while walking in their faith. They can help lead you as God leads them. Blogs are a great resources for inspiration on where to start reading passages, methods for studying the word, and can point you in the direction for other resources for spiritual growth. Blogs can serve as a great source of transparency and truth. You are able to realize that you are not the only one to persist through temptation or spiritual rough patches.


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Heather Lindsey

Fearfully Fashioned



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