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If He’s Not Doing These 11 Things In Bed, He Needs To Grow Up

By Brigette Stanley

There are no limits to how great sex can be if you’re doing it with an engaged, thoughtful partner. Although women’s bodies are complex and take some serious finessing, a grown-ass man will work to unravel your sexual fantasies and figure out what drives you crazy in the best possible way. In fact, if he’s not doing these 11 things when you sleep together, he needs to grow the hell up:

1. INVITING YOU TO STAY THE NIGHT.Sex with a grown man requires the knowledge that you’re both consenting adults. After a night of fun and intimacy, he’s not kicking you out and pretending he has somewhere to go. He wants you to feel comfortable while you’re there so you’ll be willing to come back. Embarrassment and regret don’t exist in his kingdom; he’s pleased with your presence since you could’ve been anywhere else. You can’t relate to those tales about the walk of shame because with him you’re walking out just like you walked in — a true badass.

2. FOREPLAY (WITHOUT HAVING TO BE ASKED).He knows it exists and that it’s a requirement for you to get in the mood. He doesn’t discard your needs and make you feel like an annoyance for having them. In fact, he enjoys getting you revved up; it’s his personal mission to turn you on and he does it well. He doesn’t rush it to get to the main event; he’s all about taking his time to make sure you’re both on the edge before pushing things forward.

3. GIVING AS MUCH AS HE TAKES.Grown men understand that sex is a two-way street; they’re selfless when it comes to pleasuring you and treat it like a team sport. Your guy wants your body to trust him and know that it’s going to get taken care of. He’s not a “wham, bam, thank you, ma’am” kind of guy; he wants to be crowned the best you’ve ever had and he’ll put in the work to earn the title.

4. MAKING SURE YOU NEVER HAVE TO FAKE IT.Every woman knows this tale; you’ll say any and everything to get it over with because it’s just not working. It’s bullshit, really, but we’ve all done it. With a grown man, however, you have an open door policy that allows you to be vocal about your likes and dislikes. He won’t take offense to your dissatisfaction; instead, he’ll be hungry to prove you wrong.


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