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iR TV Talks With Claire Sulmers at Fashion Bomb Daily event

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They need more than just shopping, they need enriching, they need acknowledgement, wisdom, advice!” Sulmers admits. “Initially it was ‘Breaking Into Fashion,’ but we know there are so many areas of interest, so we said ‘Breaking Into Entertainment,’ why not? We’re going to change it up in every city… ‘Breaking Into Branding’ or ‘Breaking Into Styling’ or something like that so the people can get real world advice in addition to dusting up and looking nice.”

Speaking from her own experience, DJ Kitty Cash reminds aspiring DJs to stay humble. “You can’t be too big to do anything,” while radio personality Angela Yee stands by getting your foot in the door. “I know people who started as a receptionist at Sirius [XM] and now they are on the air.”

In regards to fashion, Ty Hunter urges aspiring stylists to believe in themselves and follow their gut. “Don’t let your environment get in the way. Stick to your guns and believe in your craft.”

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