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How To Love Without Being Clingy


I used to be very clingy. In my relationships, friendships, jobs — I resisted change and I suffered.

Life happens. Every day, every moment, things are shifting. People are instinctively pulled towards their own experiences. When we love a person or a thing, we want to possess it. We want to be a part of its everything. But this isn’t love. This is attachment.

Let me show you.

When I was a child, my mother would be happy and playful one moment and inexplicably angry the next. She heard voices. She felt things I didn’t understand. She lashed out. Always alert to her episodes, I could sense when her mood was changing. I would resist and try to pull her back to a happy place there with me. Our happy place. But I couldn’t keep here there, no matter how I tried. I coudn’t let go. I blamed myself.


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