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A Man and His Friends – Let Him Hang

Face it, we’ve all been there. You’ve been out too many times, and she gives you a discerning look because you’re going out with your buddies again, but it’s a fact that time apart is good for both of you. And for the women reading this, we want to you go out and enjoy yourself too! This isn’t a list of reasons you should let your men go out whenever they want, but merely why a little bit of social contact with friends is quite good for men.

Science Has Proven It

A study in 2013 has shown that men should meet up with friends twice a week. Specifically, they should meet up with four friends on each occasion. This guarantees a good amount of endorphins, quicker recovery from illness, and even an increased amount of generosity. Of course, a cozy night in with a bottle of wine and the two of you is great, but men need to spend some time with friends to reap the benefit of male relationships.

It’s Good For The Woman Too!

A night in without distractions means that if you want to clean up after your man properly, or just relax in front of the TV. After the early stages of a relationship, there can be a point where you won’t feel as compelled to cling to each other and some time away from each other is a good thing for both sides.

It’s Good For His Friends

The big issue in a new relationship is if the girlfriend steals the guy away from his buddies. This doesn’t give the woman a good image and repairing the friendship can take a long time. Letting the guy indulge in his favorite adventure or pastime with his buddies will keep tensions at bay between everyone concerned.


Men Need To Engage In Manly Pursuits On Occasion

While a guy can feel emotionally fulfilled in a relationship, his outlets will be completely different to his girlfriend’s. Nobody has everything in common, so let him go out once in a while. Even surprise him with some games tickets. You can get 2017 NFL tickets at Ticket Liquidator for a cost that won’t break the bank balance. And when he comes home in a great mood about his team, he’ll have you to thank.

It Builds Trust

The foundation of all relationships is trust. If you can’t let your man go out with his buddies, he will likely start to resent you for it, and little by little, his sense of life outside your relationship descends into nothing. Ultimately if you are a great match for each other, you will trust each other. It goes both ways. Not allowing your girlfriend or boyfriend to go somewhere by saying you need them or that you guilt them into a night in can be a very controlling behavior. For anyone, guy or girl, this is not acceptable behavior. And if you cannot let your partner go for a drink with their friends for a few hours, will the relationship continue to get stronger? It is unlikely.    

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