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I QUIT! 2 years of Corporate Life and She Leaves It All Behind

Its so odd when people say I Quit, We wonder where they are going , what is their next move, what about bills? So we decided to highlight someone name Alisha Henson.

A graduate of the University of North Texas, a intelligent, witty, and has a personality you can’t pass over. She is also a friend of our founder Marcus Gilmore

She recently released her new blog and gave this story about why she left corporate life:

Now, I’m not a quitter, and when things start to shake, I don’t give up. What I gave myself was a chance to explore different opportunities.

I gave myself a proposition.

“What if,” I could live my life according to the way I wanted?

It sounds crazy doesn’t it?

I just planned on working on myself and fulfilling the things I felt that having a fulltime job didn’t allow me to do. (I know, CRAAZYYYY)

But why is it so crazy? We’re taught as children to go after our dreams, that we can be anything we want to be….

Are we filling our children’s minds with filth? Or, is it attainable until life happens?

Sure, I’ll quit my job.

Sure, I’ll move out of my apartment.

Sure, I’ll live off my savings…. For awhile. Yes, I know. This all sounds so much easier said than done.

Then, shit happens, right? What am I going to do about bills? Car payment? Expenses in general. 

We’re always going to have bills. We’re always going to need a place to stay.

But is this really what holds people back from doing the things that they want to do?

Be honest with yourself.


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You say you’ve always wanted to (blank).

But you couldn’t fathom life without a manicure every week, or not being able to go out with your friends every time they wanted to do something.

If you can’t take a step back to get where you say you want to go, truth is, you don’t really want it.

Did you really use all your resources? Did you give your all?

Maybe you’re thinking, I can’t do what I want to do because I don’t have the money. Trust me, even when you do, you’ll still think the same thing.

You’re just putting the money elsewhere. When you really want to give your all, you’ll be willing to make sacrifices to see the chance you want in your life.

I had a good job making a nice amount of money, a beautifully decorated apartment in a nice neighborhood, and I gave it up.

Now, where does that put me?


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