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The Signs of A Relationship You Are Being Protected From

By : Jovan Graham

Majority of people don’t think about how they choose their socks, or if they put on the right before the left, they just do it and it kind of becomes second nature to just grab a pair of socks and go. Most individuals, girls especially, tend to like mix-match socks, and nothing is wrong with that but have you ever thought that maybe you are picking the type of guys you date the same way you pick those socks? Guys this post is for you too, keep reading. Just like many of us choose to wear mix-match socks, some of us are doing the same thing in relationships.

You go buy a brand new pair of socks, fresh out of the pack, and the quality is perfect. Over time, that quality begins to diminish, they start to get lint balls, maybe a hole or two, the fabric might get thinner, etc.. after a while you lose the mate and just replace it with another sock that looks nothing like the original. In the same way, you meet a man or woman, you think that they are absolutely perfect but most times we use a facade to cover up the flaws we see in ourselves or the the lint balls and holes that society has inflicted upon us after being vigorously tossed through a cycle of events; but just like we’re putting on mix-match socks, we are choosing mates who aren’t even the same quality of fabric; we’re choosing people who aren’t “cut from the same cloth” as us.

We jump from relationship to relationship, although, I heard that these days it’s all about a situationship. Nevertheless, we’re trying to date people whose cloths, better yet, whose souls look nothing like ours. We’re dating people whose tags say 100% cotton but they have these hidden fibers of other things like .5% polyester or 3.4% rayon; they aren’t the same texture as you!

You’re sitting around wondering why you two aren’t clicking or why they won’t let you in.. maybe it’s because God is trying to protect your cloth from any further damage. Ya’ll are NOT equally yoked. Look back over your relationships, friendships and intimates, and think about how they turned out. Are you choosing your relationships the same way you chose your socks? If you are, it’s time to reevaluate your choices.

“Know your worth or have it passed out to you.” – Toya Gibson

sincerely, Jovan.?

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