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The Summer 2017 Trends that Every Gentleman Should Know

Summer is officially on its way. A lot of people are excited to spend days in beaches swimming and rocking the summer fashion. Also, it’s a season perfect for shorts, shirts, and sunblocks.

Hippies, youngsters, ladies, and gents are starting to shop for clothing sales, boutique deals, clothing online, and bazaars to find the perfect clothes this season. Though, it is not common for men to care about the clothes that they wear in this hot season, there are still some who wants to be fashionable despite the hot weather

But what are the must haves for men this Summer 2017? Here’s a list of fashion items and clothing that men need in their wardrobe, and also the things that they need to look out for the season.


For the hot weather, bandanas are probably the go-to accessory to pull off a summer fashion. It is an easy style trend that has a boyish touch. Any cheap or expensive bandana can instantly increase the style. Using bandanas as neckerchiefs which bring a playful look also add color to a wardrobe which is perfect for summer.

Any monochrome pattern, cobalt blue or cherry red will work in magic to level up the fashion style. Just make sure to tie the knots neatly.


The camouflage clothing isn’t dead yet. Here again paving this season’s trend. No doubt camo will be on the list of must-have trends for summer 2017. It is one of the colors of the year. A camo clothing is a seasonal staple item for everyone’s closet. The military vibe that remains in print is every man’s need.


Stripes are big must-haves for every gentlemen’s summer wardrobe. The clothing piece will make an impact this season. Heading back to the basics to create a different look with stripes accent included in the outfit. Here are ways to wear stripes during summer.

Cool and Classic

A classic blue and white stripe shirt will look pretty on every gentleman wearing it. Ditch the plain and boring side and instead, go for the classic look. Gents may want to try the crew neck stripe T-shirt with long sleeves.

To rock a good fashion wear, partner the shirt with a navy tailored shorts and white sneakers to complete the look. It is a perfect summer go-to outfit. Even if it gets a little bit cold outside, pairing the stripe with a bomber jacket and fitted jeans will be awesome.

Mix and Match

It is not a sin to wear stripes on stripes. The mix and match trend with stripes over stripes is the easiest way to stay trendy. However, there are a few rules to follow when wearing stripes on stripes.

First, make sure that stripe lines doesn’t meet and should be in a different direction. Keep in mind to at least pay attention on the directions of the stripes. One can be horizontal while the other is diagonal.

Next, remember that size of the stripe matters as well. The sizes must be observably different even in the distance. Pairing a chunkier block with thinner stripes can be a good idea.

After that, make sure that the color palette of the stripes is complementary to each other. Don’t let the colors crash breaking the fashion trend. Stick to muted and neutral tones to avoid any statement clashing

Short Odds

Shorts are for summer however sometimes the piece isn’t fitted for a garden party. However, stripe trouser for summer will scream fashion statement. Wearing it for casual days can be an on-trend fix.

Instead of wearing one color shorts, the striped shorts are perfect alternatives. Just have them tailored on the side so that it wouldn’t look near to an athleisure clothing piece.

Pairing the shorts with a button down white shirt or a well-fitted polo can give a BBQ party look a smart twist.

Smarten Up

To rock a smart look for any office meeting or just a casual working lunch, a striped shirt under a deconstructed blazer is a go-to outfit. Both the jacket and shirt should be slim-fitting because anything that is oversized will look too casual and untidy.

For a smarter and neater look, stick with simple colors then match it with a slim-leg jeans then finish it off with some white sneakers. A sure summer trend that will not compromise the smart aura. It is also an outfit that will work pretty much everywhere.


Wider Collared Shirts

Another top that will pave its way to the summer season is the wider collared shirts. A clothing piece that is perfectly paired with an acid wash slim fitted jeans will dominate the menswear section.

It is refreshing and cool to wear and is perfect for the hot and scorching heat of the summer.

The Awakening of the Seventies

If women’s fashion is traveling from the 90s, the men’s section travels back to the 70s. Welcoming back the different elements that were perfect during the seventies from the rich color palette to velvet clothing pieces.

Loose fitting button down orange shirts or gloomy tans can be the perfect top for the summer season. Try not to overdress while embracing the seventies vibes. Still, pay attention to the colors and features.


(Slightly) Wide, Cropped Trousers

Men should own trousers that are not-too-slacks. Though in the past the fashion industry still considers the baggy pants as a fashion disaster for men especially for those who feels comfortable with skinny cuts. So designers decided to make something that is unstuffy but doesn’t look sail-like and are only until the man ankles to give some breathing room. Also, the trousers don’t require to tuck the shirt.

Nowadays and for summer, the wide cropped trouser has become a necessity to every man’s closet. The cropped trouser made its way from the previous seasons, the trousers still fit for the summer. The cropped pants both offers a smart look and a relaxed fit that is good for the hot season. It is also perfect for dressing up or dressing down for any season.


All White Outfit

Wearing all white from top to toe this summer is refreshing. Besides of the light feeling that it gives, all white clothes will have a way as trendsetters this season. Any button down white shirt part with shorts or trousers plus mandals are the to-go refreshing outfit for every gentleman. To bring more dimension to the plainness of the all white outfit a dark sunglass will be perfect.


Pastel Colored Clothing

Don’t think negatively about pastel colored clothes, just think about Ben & Jerry Ice Cream walking in the streets. Wearing pastel clothes doesn’t make a less masculine look but it drives sexiness and screams masculinity. Either wearing a top or button that is pastel is perfect. Throwing a denim jacket or any sporty jacket will give a manly vibe.


Slogan T-shirts

For both men and women fashion or maybe the baby clothes, slogan shirts can be a thing. Statement t-shirt is paving its way for both the spring and summer season. Perfect for lazy day outfit that gives simplicity is still on trend. Another thing about the slogan shirts is that they are affordable and are perfect with a pair of trouser and a casual slip on or sneakers.


Sports Luxe


The athleisure fashion and sports luxe trends have been making noise for quite some time now, and it is staying longer. The comfort and functionality that it gives make the trend more appealing. Sports luxe can interpret random fashion ideas. Teaming a pair of joggers with a smart shirt and dress shoes or a pair of chinos, trainers and a sports jacket is a nice summer trend.


Flannel don’t Go out of Style


The comfortable clothes that every men’s casual wear is still on trend for the summer season. Perfect for any season, flannels will give comfort and an effortlessly cool style. It is also a must to every gent’s wardrobe. Flannel shirts come in plain and checked patterns but whatever what style it will have, it will still give a relaxed and casual feel to the wearer.




As the season changes, the trends also change. Any trends for  summer season can boost the wearer’s confidence to rock an outfit. Men are less vigilant with the clothes that they choose to wear, but there are still some gents that cares for fashion just like women. With different clothing items, different styles and trends will continue to float around.


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Stephanie Wheatly is a designer, a blogger, a budding writer and a vegetarian that has a strong will for music and art. Stephanie likes to express her emotions through her paintings, articles, and designs. She started volunteering in a thrift shop while she was still in college. The volunteering in the thrift shop made her want to become a designer. Despite her busy schedules, she still has time to talk to her succulent babies.

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