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How to style for your next international trip

By: Sophia Smith

Once upon a time, it was all about the destination and little to nothing about the journey. How the tables have turned. Now, even before Victoria Beckham claimed the airport her runway, people have been putting that extra effort into their appearance, especially on long-haul flights. There is a combination of factors that has contributed to the overall enhancement of the airport style. First of all, there is the influence of the Digital Age. We see all these fashion bloggers and celebs looking fresh and stunning when boarding and landing, and we want a piece of that glam. Then, there is the sheer desire to look presentable in front of cabin crew and hundreds of fellow passengers, and finally, the desire to look fresh and well put-together once we have reached our destination.

However, one thing must not be kicked to the curb – comfort. Comfort is extremely important, particularly during long-haul flights. There is no point in simply looking great if you feel uncomfortable and constricted by your own clothes.

That brings us here; we’re going to give you a foolproof guide to dressing to both impress and feel cozy in your skin, so the airport can be your runway as well.

The importance of being layered

Layering is one of the absolute smartest, most convenient, not to mention stylish moves you can make when dressing for a flight. Sure, many airlines provide blankets, but in order to not rely on that, make smart outfit choices instead. For instance, a soft and cozy Breton top is one of the best things you can put on yourself. First of all, it feels extremely good against your skin, so you know comfort is guaranteed. Secondly, it’s well-known that this iconic top is timeless and has a chic and effortless French vibe to it, so you know your style will be impeccable as well. Now, when it comes to jackets, it’s vital to keep your destination in mind. If you’re traveling from the north, your first instinct would be to wear a coat and call it a day. However, you will have to remove the coat at some point, and you might feel both a tad chilly on the plane and perhaps overly hot when you land, especially if you’re going someplace warmer.

Hence, the perfect solution lies in the ‘buffer’ garment – a nice statement jacket or oversized blazer. A statement jacket, especially if embroidered, will elevate your style, while an oversize blazer can provide you with both comfort and nonchalant chicness. So, whichever one you choose, you will not make a mistake, and once you land, if it’s warm where you are, you can simply put your coat in your carryon.

Choose wisely

Again, once upon a time, pairing a chic blazer and a timeless top with a pair of sneakers would be a major fashion no-no, and you would have been stuck in uncomfortable footwear that makes your feet swell just for the sake of looking presentable. Enter the athleisure trend, a trend that has changed how we mix and match styles. Thanks to this trend, which has certainly proven to have the staying power, now we are blessed with a range of both functional and chic sneakers that will make us feel like we’re walking on clouds.

In addition to that, when wearing something along the lines of sleek and chic Adidas sneakers, you’re also telling the world that you’re a master of incorporating the athleisure trend into your style and you will look like an actual celebrity or influencer. Lesson: always go for a gorgeous pair of comfortable sneakers and channel your ultra-fashionable vibes.

Let the right one on

In the vast ocean of amazing bottoms, from incredible skirts to wide-leg pants and super-stretchy jeans, finishing off your look is only a matter of personal style and preference. Skirts have their upsides as they give you a great deal of breathing room, particularly if they’re A-line or pleated. However, if you’re travelling during winter, you might feel just a tad chilly in a skirt. Luckily, there are tons of alternative solutions that will make you look absolutely striking. Although super-stretchy jeans are the obvious choice, and you can totally go with them, if you’re going for a more casual and down-to-earth look, if you’re dressing to impress, wide-leg high-rise pants are your ultimate choice.

In addition to supreme comfort and insurmountable chicness, they offer the amount of breathing room and movement that no other garment can do, which makes them a complete winner. Now, if you choose a pair in one of the eternally classy patterns – check or striped, you have yourself a winning combo.

The glue to it all

Having to remove your jewelry and belt can be such a drag, so when flying, keep your accessories to a bare minimum. A nice watch will suffice, and when you land, you can amp up your style with a great pair of sunglasses. Now, as for the ultimate accessory – the bag, we definitely suggest something along the lines of a camel or grey tote – one of the two most luxurious-looking colors out there. Now, the reason for a tote is that you will need your plane skin pampering essentials and a tote bag is both elegant and big enough to handle anything you throw ‘at’ it.

Taking care of your skin during a flight will ensure you land looking as fresh as a daisy and ready to conquer the airport and the city in front of you. Bon voyage!

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