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Unique Date Ideas In The Great Outdoors

Are all your dates exactly the same? Try some of these fun ideas for outdoor dates that will give you some new fun things to do. Whether you’re outdoorsy or just want some fresh air, there are some ideas for everyone. Here are the best ideas to take your date outside.

Take A Hike

If you’re both active people, then put on your walking shoes and visit a local trail for a hike. You and your date can enjoy the great outdoors together, and walking can be a good way to relax you enough to get to know each other if you’re nervous. Just make sure your date is the active sort, or they might not be very impressed. 


Visit A Farmer’s Market

If you’re not that active, you can still get outside. Try visiting the local farmer’s market. You can chat and get some fresh air as you stroll around the stalls. You’ll have something to talk about as you try the local produce and find new things to taste. 


Visit The Local Park

Don’t overlook your local park as a date location. You can pack a picnic and enjoy the sunshine on warm days for a romantic date. For a more active date, go rollerblading or try out any facilities your park has, like a tennis court. Take along your traxxas rustler 4×4 vxl to drive around for a really fun date that’s a bit different. 


Visit The Beach

If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach, it’s a perfect location for a date. There’s a long list of fun things to do at the beach, whether you sign up for a surf lesson, build sandcastles, play beach volleyball, or relax on your towel and sunbathe. Take a picnic and some drinks, and you have the perfect relaxing or active date venue. 


Visit An Amusement Park

Going to an amusement park with your date is a great way to have fun together and create some great memories. If you’re both adrenaline junkers, this kind of date will get your heart racing with someone who you want to get to know better. However, if you’re not that into rollercoasters and big thrills, remember that there are theme parks geared towards younger people that are more about fun than fear, which could be more appropriate for you.


Plan A Picnic

If you want a more relaxing date, you can go for a picnic. If you’re a good cook, this is a great chance to show that off and impress your date with your skills. If you’re not that handy in the kitchen, you can also buy some tasty, ready-made picnic food and get outside. Take your picnic to the park, the beach, or even just out into the garden.

Outdoor dates can be a lot of fun, whether you’re getting to know someone new, or you’ve been together a while and need to shake up your dating routine a little bit, instead of always going to the movies. 


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