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Stay Dapper with Dapper Sense in Dallas

Name of CompanyDapper Sense

Industry :  Fashion

TCS: How does Dapper Sense pick designs?

Dapper Sense: Designs are selected with creative and unique ideas based upon trends, what “pops” and of course the seasons . We pick designs based on “The Culture” and the request

of the customers. For example, if a customer has a unique request, we select from 3-5 different pieces/colors of fabric, design or both and allow the customer to select which they like the most, and then let Mary Jackson work her magic.

TCS: Who has influenced the brand ?

Dapper Sense : A great sense of influence has come from peers, family and of course the customer.  They have shown a great deal of support and pushed the movement. Secondly, a great deal of fashion sense by the owners influence the brand.

TCS: How do you fit into the fashion industry in Dallas?

Dapper Sense : Our main objective is to add a sense of Dapper to your outfit and allow our creative accessories to make your outfit make “sense.”  From our bow ties, lapels or ascots, we want to add a certain spice to your outfit that gives unforgettable taste of Dapper.

TCS: 3 celebrities you would send Dapper Sense designs to!

Dapper Sense : Dak Prescott – LeBron James –  Andre 3k

TCS How do you plan to expand to reach more consumers?

Dapper Sense : Our plan is to become more consistent, more creativity and continue to get more exposure. We have made a few bow ties, lapels and pocket squares for Pastor Ricky G. Rush, Or in bulk probate shows, Weddings and upscale events.

TCS: Partnership with Mom and Son, how did that come about ? 

Dapper Sense: We have always been into fashion and love every aspect of it. However, when someone has a wonderful gift and produce the type of products my mother does, you definitely have to show the world.  So with the encouragement from family and the thought of building something between a mother and son, we put it into motion and love every bit of it.

1 word to describe your designs ?

Dapper Sense : Immaculate

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