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10 Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance

By: Helen Birk

  1. One of the best jobs for work life balance is working as a corporate recruiter. If you desire working free from mainstream employment culture of 9am-5pm, this is your best option. Since the corporate recruiter’s main responsibilities are to initially shortlist and interview potential employees on behalf of their clients, freedom on schedule and office location are not limited. It might seem obvious that returns from this nature of career earn pretty more than the formal jobs.
  2. Computer scientists and mathematical enthusiasts have an opportunity to work as data scientists. These are the guys who analyze huge and complex data then convert it to a useful story for business consumption. While it has become increasingly difficult to get best work life balance jobs, millions of people are finding safety online.
  3. Another work life balance job is a web developer position. Their mode of operation is similar to that of freelancers. Web design professionals set their calendar. Their work involves creating websites and related contents.
  4. Millions of people visit social media platform on a daily basis hence it has attracted business. If you are one of them, you can consider being a social media manager. This is one of the best jobs because you can operate from any place in the world though it calls for a high degree of discipline and creativity.
  5. Elementary school pupils leave school at 3 pm and they don’t attend school during bad weather. This makes elementary school teaching one of the best jobs with best work life balance. Also, examining the pupils’ scripts must not happen in school. Higher level English teaches have a chance to travel or to teach the language on a freelance If you are intrigued by this option, visit this website for more details.
  6. Hairstylist was voted the most strain free job in 2015. Their duty involves doing good to others hence it brings fulfillment. Once you have gained your loyal customer base, you can schedule the appointments with your clients and leave the rest of your day free for personal stuff like friends, family, and hobbies.
  7. Graphic designer jobs are also listed among jobs with best work life Freelance designers fix their own calendar and work from their convenient locations. If you need an article on how to get a graphic designer job online, visit this online essay helper for more details.
  8. If you are a fitness instructor, then your job is considered to be work life balance job. Most instructors chose their own schedules and appointments, similarly to the hairstylists mentioned above.
  9. Library assistants can balance work-life since they are in In 2015, Glassdoor placed it at number 14/26 best balance jobs.
  10. Market analysts are the last group to tell you about for today. They research, evaluate and analyze market trends and then advice business accordingly.


Depending on your area of expertise and interests, you can select the best work life balance job, it’s possible. We wish you well in your career.

BIO: Helen Birk is a career coach and a freelance writer. She has been providing her independent services to numerous websites and magazines for four years by now. Helen is a Ph. D. holder and an associate lecturer at one of the universities in the US. Her hobbies beyond writing include traveling, volunteering, and photography.


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