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5 Reasons You Should Still Put Your Best Foot Forward at the Job that You Hate

Author : Rayvon Shelton  ||

Now to the person who has grown so jaded with their current job that they’ve considered quitting more than a few times in the past month or so, we’ve all been there.  So now you’ll read something within this post that resonates with you and motivates you to make lemonade outta the lemons thrown at you at your current job.

5). nothing lasts forever.

Sometimes, it’s easy for us to get so caught up in our dislike for where we are that we forget that where we are does not have to be our final destination. regardless of the job, we have the capacity to change our situations. the problem is that most people don’t believe this. they may say it aloud while in a group setting, but they really don’t believe there is more out there for them than where they currently are. yet, there is so much more. use where you currently are to catapult you into your next great job, whatever that means for you. my unpopular opinion is that your job is not a marriage. you shouldn’t strive to be at one job for the rest of your life. where’s the growth in that?

4). there is still something for you to learn.

This is a hard one. many of us often feel as though we need to change jobs because we aren’t “learning” but in reality, we aren’t willing to be taught. there’s a certain level of humility that is required of us to be able to learn from our coworkers and/or supervisors….especially if we self consciously believe that the person tasked with teaching us is under qualified and/or less capable than we are. but, the decision regarding who’s qualified and who isn’t is not always up to us. but our ability to learn is definitely within our jurisdiction. you never know where your next learning experience will come from, so make sure you are walking into your job with the expectation that you will learn something that you did not already know. expectation sometimes creates reality. if you’re lucky, the very thing that’s left for you to learn will be the essential piece of knowledge needed to take you to your next big thing.


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