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Tea Bagged: The Power of Your Weaknesses

Author : Alexandria Traylor |

While drinking my Yogi brand Detox tea, I usually notice the inspirational message on the insert of the tea bag. This particular insert read “Share your strengths, not your weaknesses”. I was instantly taken distraught once I read this statement. I was so used to this company providing quality inspiration for me to ponder about for the remainder of the day. This message was absolute trash!

You are often taught to hide your insecurities. You are told not to allow them to show or else others will attempt to manipulate you or capitalize on where you are weak. You are also taught to embellish your strengths so that your weaknesses seem insignificant to onlookers. In actuality, your unresolved insecurities will hinder you from experiencing immense success. What do you think happens when you repeatedly ignore your weaknesses? Like all problems, once you continue to sweep them under the rug, they build upon one another. Your insecurities will grow to be so large that one unplanned, unfortunate day that you’ll trip over that rug. This won’t be just a small stumble that you can easily recuperate from. This trip will be your demise, your epic fail. When you choose to ignore areas in which you are not gifted in, it is similar to denying yourself of your personal growth. Denying yourself of progress. Denying yourself of a true challenge. You are, therefore, choosing to be stagnant and robbing yourself of the opportunity to be innovative.

I will forever encourage you to share your weaknesses. The areas where you have been weak can be pillars for you to build upon and help another individual flourish. When you share your weaknesses you acknowledge that you have room to grow. You admit to the fact that you are human. You assist others by telling them how not to perpetually live by their flaws. Choose to cultivate where you are weak so that you will no longer be able to claim that as a weakness. It is an embarrassment to remain stagnant. Life is about change and growth. You will be able to find strength in your weakness. After all, God’s strength is made perfect in the exact place where you are weak. When you are strong enough to share your weaknesses it allows for incredible things to happen. Sharing allows for understanding, evolution, revolution, and most of all transcendence above your current situation. Don’t be selfish. Share your strengths, but most of all own and share your weaknesses.

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