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All Things Working Against Millennials and How To Defeat Them

By: Avery Phillips 

There is a lot of negative press about millennials in America. Their poverty, the economy they inherited, and the monolith of beliefs that challenge capitalist views lead them to be disappointed in the status quo — and for the status quo to be somewhat disappointed in them.

There are things working against millennials (including themselves) that can make it seem impossible to take part in society as an individual. Being comfortable in the world can be harder than ever, but it doesn’t have to be out of reach.

Big Purchases

Big purchases seem out of reach for many millennials. It can feel almost impossible, as the millennials who are doing well financially, usually have rich parents. But it’s not unfeasible to buy your own patch of grass, to travel, or make any big purchase that older generations indulged in.

I believe in you. And while it’d be nice if that was enough, figuring out what you can afford to save for will help you break home buying into achievable goals. Don’t give up, look at the steps you need to accomplish and take those smaller steps. Purchasing a home or going on a vacation isn’t a cliff to scale; it’s a long set of stairs that you are ready to climb.

This doesn’t mean just saving for a down payment. It could mean focusing on increasing your value to your company or focusing on your well-being before taking the leap in.  


Life is hard, but also amazing! There are fantastic causes you can support, friend groups you can join, and less fun, but helpful, things you should become a part of.

Employment is practically a prerequisite to long term happiness for adults. Whether you are a SnapChat star or a 9-5er, being able to do something productive and move yourself forward is important. Even if you’re a janitor, the independence that cash offers is freeing. This can also be a way to interact with humans outside of your house and a means to obtaining healthcare. Millennials are known for not being loyal to companies, but they also have a better chance of a salary increase by job hopping. Don’t feel bad taking a leap of faith somewhere new, especially if the career that your jumping from is one you can come back to.

Social groups are vital to your long-term happiness. Maybe you are an introvert, maybe you just want to huddle in your home, but being social is pretty important, even if it’s just an online community you are part of. It can bring you a sense of belonging and provide support when you need it. As a generation, loneliness strikes pretty hard, so it’s especially important to attempt for healthy, supportive communities.  

Taking Care of Yourself

“Am I okay?” is a very valid question to ask yourself. You have the means to take care of yourself?

Being an adult is hard, even if you are employed/in school and have a fantastic circle of supporting, caring people around you. A third of college students get so depressed that it impacts their social and academic functioning, which is a pretty big obstacle for young people to throw into their life. Life is hard. There are many wrenches. Are you giving yourself the tools the dodge them?

Time. Space. Food. Sleep. Medical Care if you need it. These are all things that can help you feel a little more okay, even when the world seems to be falling around you. Are you giving yourself even the most basic of needs?

Being a millennial is hard. We are broke, lonely, and living in this trickle down world our ancestors believed in. But we can be okay. We can do better. Take care of yourself, take the world by storm, and start buying into the world.

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