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The Most Charitable Entrepreneurs Continue to Change the World

If you are an entrepreneur, are you the type that is inherently selfish and does everything just for the purposes of money? If so, it’s time to change this! Part of what makes an entrepreneur who they are is realizing at some point that they have done everything for the benefits of themselves, and so it is time to give something back. You might feel that you are justified in looking after your own interests, especially if you spend years building up an empire and slaving away. But this will only have diminishing returns. It’s far better for every single one of us to give something back, and so, even the entrepreneurs who work non-stop, and make millions or billions of dollars find time to give back to charity. And here are some to take inspiration from.

Mark Zuckerberg

The Zuckerbergs are usually the top of the pile when it comes to charitable entrepreneurs. And although Facebook has come under considerable fire recently, this doesn’t stop Mark Zuckerberg setting a great example as a young entrepreneur and philanthropist. In 2013 he donated $1 billion to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation through company stock. And in fact, the Facebook shares have been moved over to nonprofit companies for quite a few years now.

Tony Robbins

Very much a jack of all trades, Tony Robbins the motivational speaker, entrepreneur, investor, and all-round superhuman has donated to infinite charities. The Anthony Robbins foundation was founded in 1991 to help improve the quality of life for all types of people. His most recent endeavor, Feeding America, has helped to provide meals to the needy, and this charity provided more than 101.6 million meals in 2016. When you look at the entrepreneurs in the modern day who are extremely charitable, especially in the wake of tragedies, such as Kirk Chewning or Jesse Levin, who are using their entrepreneurial skills to provide help after hurricanes Maria and Irma, Tony Robbins set the precedent.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett has donated so much over the years, that it’s difficult to keep track of him! Someone like Steve Jobs highlighted the entrepreneurial life struggle, but Buffett is the embodiment of the entrepreneur who lives to give. Back in 2006, Buffett stated that he would donate 85% of his wealth to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In fact, his partnership with the co-founder of Microsoft has blossomed over the years, in 2011, join forces to create the Giving Pledge. This is a service where wealthy people donate a high percentage of their earnings to charitable causes.

Bill Gates

And now, the bespectacled owner of Microsoft devotes the majority it is time to philanthropy. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provides grants across the world, specifically focusing on urban poverty, education, and agricultural development. On top of this, millions have been donated to organizations like UNICEF, the World Health Organization, and the Global Fund to Fight Aids.

There is no need to be a selfish entrepreneur, and if you are, in the modern world, where ethics and morality is front and center, you won’t have people dealing with you, from clients to customers. Every entrepreneur needs to learn how to give back, and now has never been a better time.

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