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How To Be More Creative and Make Your Mundane Life More Exciting

Life can be hard, and I’m not talking about illnesses, disasters, and loss here. I’m referring to the daily slog. We live in a climate of uncertainty and instability where job security is a distant memory. I’m talking about the overcrowded commute, the working lunches and the staying late. The continual grind of getting through. It’s not surprising that we feel bored and uninspired. If your life could do with a bit of jolt, check out our ideas for injecting a little excitement into your day.

Have A Little Flutter

I’m not suggesting gambling away the kids’ college funds here, just a healthy flutter to quicken the pulse. With the advent of online gambling, there are lots of quick and easy ways you can do this. But better still, make the most of it with a day at the races. Gather a few friends and go all out. Make sure you have the inside track to make informed decisions. Swot up on horse racing tips before you take a punt.

Get The Blood Pumping

When we exercise our body releases endorphins. These are our own feel-good hormones. When released they switch off adrenaline which leads to feelings of stress. So a good cardiovascular workout can produce a natural and healthy high. Aim for around four times a week to get optimum benefits. Running, rowing and cycling will all get results. Try to get out of the gym once in a while. Studies suggest that the outdoors also has a positive effect on our mood. And what’s more exhilarating than running through a beautiful sunrise?

Embrace Change

Many of us find change stressful and will do anything to maintain the status quo. There are lots of reasons for this. We tend to be creatures of habit and any venture into the unknown is unsettling. But studies suggest that change is good for us, and we should embrace it. Without change, we’re unlikely to grow. And it often signals new beginnings and unexpected outcomes which can be exciting.



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Extreme Sports

For a quick fix every now and again, consider taking part in an extreme sport. Because they contain an element of danger, they’re all about the rush. I’m not suggesting you put yourself in harm’s way, of course. Just step out of your comfort zone a little and try something completely different. For example, skydiving, surfing or whitewater rafting, etc.

Have A Fling

If you’re not otherwise engaged and it’s been a while since you were flung, invite a little romance into your life. Remember that feeling when you’ve just met someone, and you can’t stop thinking about them? The surprise texts, quiet dates and weekends away? Embrace it all fully and enjoy.


Image: Unsplash

Find Your Adventure

Adventure is in the eye of the beholder. Some people seek out far-flung destinations in search of the ultimate adventurous experience. While others are satisfied with simpler changes. The key to all of this is to find out what you love. What are you passionate about? What makes you get up in the morning and stay up late into the night? Find out what does it for you. And do lots of it.

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