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How to Differentiate Your Purpose vs Your Promise

Author : Alexandria Traylor ||

While on the journey to discover what the heck you are really supposed to be doing with your life, you may often find yourself lost or searching for your true purpose.

Many people may get confused when contemplating the difference between their purpose and what God has promised to them. Your purpose and what is promised to you are similar, in the same way that identical twins are extremely similar yet not the same. Both are divinely gifted to you without your consent, however one you have to work diligently for the other you have to be humbled to obtain

Your purpose should directly and effortlessly fuse with your innate passions. Behind every good purpose lies an even better passion. When you are aligned with your purpose in life, work will not feel like work and you will give and receive joy in doing what you do. When uncovering your purpose you may have to bust down cultural barriers or lay the bricks of a new foundation in uncharted territory. Discovering your purpose isn’t supposed to be easy. Let’s be real, was Beyonce built in a day? When you have found your sweet spot you will know, with absolutely no questions asked.

However when inheriting your promise, you don’t receive your blessings by living by the motto “every day I’m hustling”. You gain access to your promises by being obedient in following God’s will for your life. What you were destined and promised to receive cannot be taken away by any blunder or Chris Brown moment that you happen to have in the course of your life.

What you are promised, others have prayed for you to have. When God makes a covenant with a person he sticks to it! He isn’t like Steve Harvey who will retract a title from your name. When God says it is so, you better bet your last breath that it will in fact occur. What is promised to you is similar to a trust fund that you know you are entitled to receive but you must first reach a certain age or level of maturity.

For now in that awkward twenty-something stage where you have to decide to go adulating just to put food on the table, choose to focus on accomplishing your purpose in full faith that what is promised will inevitably come. If that isn’t something to glow up for, I don’t know what is!

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