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Enlighten Your Mood: 5 Ways Light is Amending Your Temperament

By: Rachel Minahan

Light has always been a powerful element with a gamut of influences on human life. You know very well the critical role that sunlight plays in our bone health as well as its importance in fighting cancer and autoimmune diseases. But, what you probably don’t know is that besides natural light, artificial lights are also an excellent source of wellness therapy.

Just as how colors affect your mood, so does the light that illuminates your room too. In fact, studies reveal that different color of light doesn’t just affect moods, it also benefits circadian rhythms and heart rates. A proper understanding of the lights benefits in health may help you design your home or office in such a way that promotes good well-being and postivity.

Here are five ways that light affects your emotion.

Bright Lights Spike Emotions

According to the study conducted in 2014, when we’re under intensely bright lights, we’re prone to experience positive and negative emotions. Our reactions also tend to heighten when we are under more fluorescent lights compared to when we’re in a dark area.

So, whenever you find yourself emotional under brights, you now have the answer. The lighting is one of the many culprits.

Blue Lights Makes Us More Energetic

Our exposure to blue light during daytime make us more alert and renders us extra energy. A new study even reveals that people with exposure to high energy and short wavelength blue light are more productive than those who don’t. They’re also able to finish cognitive tasks more accurately and quickly compared to a control group.

Furthermore, blue lights boost your alertness not only during exposure but on the full half hour after your exposure to blue light ends.

Natural Light Makes You Happy

Fishing for a few rays of natural sunlight during daytime can make a world of difference to your health. A study reveals that people who work in an office with good lighting ventilations and windows, get more sleep on average of 46 minutes every night,  exercise more and had a greater sense of overall well-being compared to those who work in a windowless office.


Researchers even believe that our exposure to natural light assist our bodies in sticking to their innate circadian rhythms, which make our bodies feel energetic and alert and signals it when to feel sleepy.

It Helps Alleviate Depression

Unbeknownst to many, natural lights help lessen the manifestations of depression. In a study conducted in 2013, researchers found that it helps people with depression and deficiencies in vitamin D to add sunlight exposure for seven weeks to alleviate the depressive symptoms.

The integration of antidepressants and light therapy is more effective in treating depression than just using antidepressants alone. But of course, light can’t cure depression alone. Nevertheless, researchers still believe that natural light is a handy medium tool in relieving its symptoms.

Light Affects Your Appetite

It could be hard to believe, but light also has a significant effect on how we eat, what kinds of food we’re in the mood for, how fast we eat and even our perception of flavors. We consume less and eat slower on restaurants with dimmer or softer lighting.

Researchers believe it happens because a softer light makes us more relaxed and less alert which means we’re less likely to examine our food selections and how caloric the foods are. Instead, we tend to eat in a leisurely manner rather than devouring our food down.


Most people may not put a lot of thought about how lights could influence our mood. But feel more creative with the lights turned down low or if you find yourself smiling on sunny days, that’s not a coincidence. The different kinds of lighting that you can also get from some reputable sites like Lamptwist all have substantial effects on our emotional health and well-being.

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