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Your Friends Need Some Love Around Christmas Too

When it comes to the festive season, it’s likely you’re interested in celebrating with those closest to you. Family matters make the bread and butter of Christmas and new year celebrations, meaning that your normal social life might slow down a little.


This is great, and your family surely do appreciate it. However, this can lead you to almost not seeing your friends at all during this period. Why cast such as hard and fast dividing line between both groups around this period? Celebrations with your friends can be much more unique, focused on your demographics tastes, and can help you blow off some steam after presenting your best to the family (we all do it.)


This list will suggest some fun events and activities you might like to explore this festive season, a time where everyone is more open to adventure with one another.


Attend An Music Event


Many interesting and winter-themed events take place at this time of year. From artists going on tour to local venues spurring up their headlines with the best acts they can muster. Support local and global artists in the same week. You might have a select genre of music you prefer, but consider going outside of your comfort zone. Just be sure to preemptively acquire tickets from a reseller such as TicketOffices. For example, heading to a ‘flannel and beard’ contemporary folk rock show could be a great excuse to drink craft beers at your local artisan bar and brewery.  Consider your tastes, cater to them, and then grow from them.


Attend A Comedy Club

If you’re of age, attending a comedy bar can be a complete riot. Not only does supporting local comics give you a raw understanding of the up-and-comers in your area, but it’s always healthy to have a good laugh. These clubs are often a great time out as well, as they attract a certain kind of crowd which prizes hilarity and amusement above all else. It’s always good to get the feel of a crowd around this festive time, as people are generally more affable than they are year round. Who knows, you might just find that next joke to reduce your colleagues to tears.


Attend A Christmas Market

Christmas markets, especially German Christmas markets, are events which have indulgence as their main priority. Bringing some of the best food and drink from the region, this can be a time to truly taste wonders and satiate your appetite with something a little different. Often, these events have shows on, and may travel with an ice rink, a theatrical show or some form of live music. This can be a real hoot when you’re with friends, because attending the Bavarian beer halls and maybe even getting involved in the line dancing can be a great festive way to celebrate in an alternative way.


Of course, you needn’t limit yourself to one of the above. With the right schedule, you could experience them all, using all your energy which then justifies the slow relaxed pace of your Christmas celebrations.

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