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How To Be Grateful for the Rain

By : Alexandria Traylor |


Many people know the saying “April showers bring May flowers”. As elementary as this seems, it is true.

When you apply this most basic principle to your life, think about what can actually change and grow after you have experienced your rainy season. In many places, the atmosphere is scattered with rain showers. In the spring, the rain seems to be ongoing, a never ending period of storms and moisture showering down from the heavens. After the frigid and harsh temperatures of the winter, rain can be welcomed as a sign of the changing times. After a season of obvious hardships, look forward to your season of change.  Familial strife, increasing financial obligations, and emotional instability are mere surface examples of rainy seasons. Shoot! All aspects of your life could be cold and unwelcoming in your winter season. When the rain comes, or when you begin to experience what seems to be the climax of your issues, this is the exact moment you need to buckle down and get ready for your come up! An increase in the frequency of the storms usually signifies that something good is about to roll into your life. Get excited. Shout now! The rainy season is to directly prepare you for what you will encounter in your next season. You can’t move into the next season without the proper preparation. If so, you’ll be sure to ruin it. Don’t miss out on being able to master your next blessing because you didn’t learn the tactics to weather your storm.


Look at the situation simply. If it wasn’t for that failed relationship, that friendship fallout, that opportunity you took for granted or that money you lost, would you know how to expertly navigate that same dilemma. Don’t get me wrong. It is definitely possible to make the same mistake again. However, I bet you won’t make the same blunder in the exact same way. You’ll know how to either avoid it completely or amend it quickly. Your mess up won’t be as massive. If that isn’t growth, I, honestly, don’t know what it is. The goal, after your season of hardship, is not perfection. Your goal is growth, a change in a positive direction. All things in nature need rain to cultivate them. Flowers are unable to bloom without it. Crops are unable to yield a proper harvest. You and I wouldn’t receive proper nourishment without the rain’s water. It is impossible to appreciate the meaning behind the lesson without going through a struggle. Think back to when you learned how to ride a bike for the first time. If you were anything like my clumsy 5 year old self, you ran into inanimate objects, fell a few times, and even sustained a few bruises. But when you finally mastered the skill, you took off into the neighborhood with your friends and did not think to look back. Without the pains of learning, you were unable to fully appreciate the reward of your season of training.


It’s interesting to think about the anatomy of a rainbow. You can only be guaranteed to see it at the end of the storm, when the sun begins to shine. It is super easy for us to decide to loose faith in ourselves, in our ambitions, in others around us, and sometimes even in God when we willingly allow seeds of unbelief to sprout in our circumstances. God promises that our joy will come in the morning if we choose to remain faithful and hold on just a bit more. When the clouds are removed, we will be able to appreciate the vivid spectacle that the rainbow produces. When the clouds are removed we will be able to see the beauty that the storm produced. The rainbow can be an amazing thing that is produced because of our determination to weather the storm. The rainbow can be an unlikely connection flourishing, a restored relationship, or your passion restored. When the rainbow appears, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the storm will stop and never return. You may still have debt, you may never rekindle that relationship, or you may never have the same business opportunity again. However, you now have more fuel a renewed sense of being, more tactics to sustain you through that situation. You have now learned to rejoice in hope and be patient in affliction (Romans 12:12, paraphrased). Your situation will no longer be a burden. It can be a launching pad to a new height.


When you carry your umbrella, it is a sign of impending rain. You saw rain coming in your forecast and decided to not leave your house unprepared. God has already equipped you with what you need to weather your storm. He has already covered you. You are protected under His spiritual umbrella.  His umbrella is a sense of peace that we, as Christians, are guaranteed because of God’s unwavering protection and mercy. God may not choose to remove your storm but He will provide you with an umbrella for the rain. You cannot expect to grow if you attempt to pray away the rain. Challenge yourself to smile and remain hopeful while you walk under your umbrella of protection. Those know that you are going through your stormy season will gaze at you in awe and amazement. Things that should have severely disabled you and flooded your pathways have not taken you out of the game. You chose to put on your rain boots, grab your umbrella, and make a splash. You chose to plant flowers during the rain. They will be cultivated, nourished, and will sprout in the proper time because of your dedication to growth and application of the lessons that you learned during the storm. Examine where you would like to be in the future and embrace the rain on the way there!

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