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How I Lost All My Friends Chasing Money to Move Up in Corporate

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By: Nicole Lumbreras

I’ve been a part of corporate America for about seven years now give or take a few months. The current rotation has included three different notable corporations. Every environment varies. It’s been a challenge to align with the culture, according to she who makes simple things complicated. It’s a dress for your day sort of simple. Of course, the usual common sense of showing up on time is clear, but outside of the HR caveats, there’s no playbook on how to interact with your peers. *

The first company was easy, I was way younger and just wanted to have a great time, you know, the usual go party late night even though I had an early morning. Outside of the social scene, this was my first recolonization of someone feeling challenged by my work ethic. However I was naive, so I was attempting to figure out why this [older] woman didn’t “like me.” Well, you’d think that experience would better prepare me for what was to come I’d be prepared, but again naive, and lack of self-awareness caused me to waste time and ask myself the wrong questions. *

Although I’m an introvert, naturally I attract others due to my goofy nature

The story I want to share with you brings you to a particular point in my life that I found myself employed with a new company, in a new career field, and now with new “friends.” In addition to a new work life, I had a few new things to balance in my personal life as well. When I say it was a
tough balance due to my now retired people-pleasing nature, it was tough. 

I’d never worked in a company with such a free culture, girls and guys alike would huddle up around my desk to talk business or shoot the breeze. I should’ve nipped that bud early, but this is still the naive people pleasing version of me. After a few months at the company I was spotlighted
and recognized for exceeding goals, and the switch ups began. 

I didn’t understand at the time “what I did wrong.” This thought process led to focusing on my less tasteful characteristics. I get carried away with my words at times. In this particular case, I am referring to engaging in the clique on clique verbal violence, behind the individual(s) back. I
know I know, but I still have to be “professional,” I can’t just say mean things to their face right?!?!?! This distastefulness lasted a short spell. But short enough for someone above me to notice, challenge my mentality, and lead me to lean towards the more positive aspects and ways of growing my career. 

You see, it’s my belief, that we all want a group of people to call friends and relate to or debate with, but if you aren’t accepted for who you truly are then these people are genuinely not your real friends. Thinking back, we were only friends because we had a common “enemy.” I mean the girl was a bully, but still, no reason to stoop down. It was forced and felt wrong, but growth. The point is that anything that’s forced usually doesn’t fit. Notice that I didn’t say quality people and quality is the keyword. 

With all that being said, be patient, create your lane, seek mentorship(s), binge watch YouTube, and vibe with people who meet or exceed your grind. All in all, vibrate higher! 

Good luck on your corporate journey, remember you are your brand!*

*P.S. 9 years of corporate life to date and I wrote this December 3, 2017. I remember this girl, she was searching for validation with-out, but she found it within. XOXO.

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