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How to Give Two Weeks’ Notice at Your Job

Written by: Helen Rogers

Statistics say that an average modern employee changes a job 2-3 times in their career. So, it’s normal to look for new opportunities and leave a job when you feel like you’ve grown out of it.

But, oh, this awful feeling of anxiety and uncertainty that wraps you when it’s time to talk to your boss and give two weeks’ notice.

On one hand, this letter is a common courtesy act and just a formal requirement to resign your position. On the other hand, however, it is essential to leave your job well as the people you used to work with can one day become your colleague, your companion, or even your boss one day.

Thus, in this article, we tell how to leave a job well, why you should talk to your boss first, and how to give two weeks’ notice.

How To Leave A Job In A Professional And Positive Way?

  • Give it a thought

Before making any moves, be honest with yourself and give it a thought. What are your reasons for leaving? Write them down and make sure that your decision is well-considered and reasonable.

Have you already received another job offer? If not, it can affect your finances and stress you out.

If you’re sure about your decision, choose 2-3 reasons out of your list to share them with your boss – this will make you feel more confident during your conversation.

  • Choose the right time

If it’s possible, make sure you’ve finished all the big projects and assignments before giving your two weeks’ notice so that you don’t overburden or screw your colleagues and employer.

  • Get prepared

It will calm you down and make more confident about your decision.

  • Are you going to tell why you leave or you’ll just say that you’ve found a better fit for your goals?
  • Make up your mind on the specific date you’re going to quit.
  • Make a list of things you’re grateful for.
  • Get ready for pushback. What might your boss offer to you? What is gonna be your polite refusal?
  • Talk to your boss in advance

Find time to meet with your boss and give them your two weeks’ notice. Make sure that your employer is the first person you tell about your resignation.

It’s always best to tell that you quit in person and give as much notice as you can. However, you can also do it via phone call or email.

You should be honest but courteous too, so avoid phrases like «this company sucks», «I hate this place» or «I’m bored at this job».

Go on good terms and be positive:

  • I’ve learned more than I could have imagined here…»
  • Working here has been one of the most rewarding experiences to date…
  • You took me under your wing and I’m so thankful about it…»
  • Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of such an incredible team and projects…
  • Tell that you leave to your colleagues and clients

As soon as your boss gives you the green light to leave, share the news with your coworkers and clients.

  • Stay positive
  • Don’t denigrate your employer
  • Thank them for the good times you’ve shared
  • Offer to keep in touch

How To Write A Simple Two Weeks’ Notice Letter?

As for the letter of resignation itself, here are some guidelines concerning its structure:

  1. Write name, date, address and subject line
  2. Include the recipient’s name, company, and address
  3. State your resignation with the date of your last day
  4. If you want, mention the reason for your resignation
  5. Express your gratitude for the experience and for the time spent with the company
  6. Tell about your plans for the future (next steps in your career)
  7. Sign up the letter

Remember that leaving a good impression is a must these days, as you never know how your ex-boss and ex-colleagues can influence your prospective career. So, make sure you end it all on a positive note.

Bio: Helen Rogers is an editor of Being a researcher by nature, writer by passion, she is happy to share her life experience and professional knowledge with the career junkies.

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