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How to grow and become more culturally diverse

Becoming cultured isn’t simply about the number of destinations you have traveled to throughout your life. It is about your knowledge regarding a subject, or an understanding and appreciation for literature, world politics, the arts, or even classic films.

There are many ways to become a cultured person, and you don’t necessarily need to tick every box on its list. If you want to broaden your horizons, find out how to be more cultural.

Go to the Theater

Few experiences will make you feel more cultured than a trip to the theater. A stage production is an amalgamation of exceptional writing, acting, directing, set design, and musical composition, which all bring a story to life before your very eyes. Book cheap theatre tickets to enjoy a night away from the TV and immerse yourself into a live play or musical.

Make Friends with People of All Ages and Backgrounds

If you want to see different perspectives and learn from people’s experiences, you’d be wise to make friends with people whose lives differ from your own. Rather than spending your time with people who are the same age and have had a similar upbringing as you, instead   aim to cultivate friendships with a diverse group of people who can broaden your life experience.

Learn Another Language

Most anglophones don’t feel a need to master another tongue, as English is a universal language. As a result, you can travel to multiple destinations where people use it as either a mother tongue or second language. However, this can ultimately disconnect people from the world around them.

If you want to become a cultural person and feel an affinity to people from different walks of life, learning a new language is an ideal way to gain an insight into a different culture. You’ll not only speak in another person’s tongue, but you’ll learn more about the history behind the words so that you can develop a greater interest in another community beyond your own.

Read One Classic Novel Every Year

Do you often hear people talk about the likes of Wuthering Heights or The Grapes of Wrath? If so, it’s possible you second-guess your own intellect if you have yet to read the world-famous novels. Rather than being stuck for things to say, make a goal to read at least one classic novel every year, such as Charlotte Bronte’s Jayne Eye, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, or JD Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye.

Not only might you enjoy the book, but you can form your own opinion on the novel. There is a reason these books have stood the test of time, so they could help form and shape your love for literature, as well a show you the genre, author and niche you do enjoy.

Visit Local Museums and Galleries

To learn more about your city’s history or develop an appreciation for the arts, ensure you visit one of the many local museums or galleries near you. Here you can not only learn more about the world, but you can view interesting artifacts and interactive exhibitions, which could ignite a passion for a subject.

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