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[Inspiration] Let the “NO’ Excite You with Motivational Speaker Eric Thomas

What up! What up! What up! It’s your boy ET!! How many of you guys out there hate the word NO? Be honest. How many of you get discouraged by the word? How many of you have been broken by the word NO? I have a good friend in sales who created his own philosophy for NO. He says, “A person has to tell me no 8 times before I take them seriously. Whatever I’m selling they need it, they just don’t realize it yet.” How powerful is that? He’s actually FUELED by rejection. I’ve heard the word NO so many times and many times I’ve accepted it for what it was, until I discovered my worth. When you’re unaware of your worth you’ll accept anything. What are you worth? What is your product or service worth? Have you studied your audience enough to know what they need, before they know? This is important. There’s so much behind a NO and so many of you internalize it and allow it to stop you. LET NO EXCITE YOU!! Let the NO MOTIVATE you!

I’ll leave you with this story of SELF WORTH. I had an international opportunity and the coordinator told me they would pay me what I’m worth, but I would have to fly coach. I told them NO, I appreciate the opportunity, but I must fly first class. They replied, “…but we can pay you what you’re worth…” I said, “NO” I must fly first class. Now listen this isn’t about first class, this is about understanding my worth. I have to travel MANY MANY hours, then get off the plane and be ET. I can’t be ET if i’m sitting up the entire flight. I need to be comfortable, I need to eat when I’m ready, I need to get adequate rest. I knew what I was worth and was willing to turn down a huge sum of money. Guess what? The company came back a few days later and agreed to the first class tickets. I didn’t take no for an answer and neither did they. Look, when you know what you’re worth you will not settle and doors will fly open for you. Stop allowing yourself to be broken by NO, let it excite you, let it motivate you, let it push you to greatness. It’s your boy ET!

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