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Iron Sharpens Iron- The Company You Keep Matters

By: A.D.

Now that the summer months are over, I was checking my lawn mower and I noticed that the blade had become dull, so I decided to take the blade to the local hardware store and have it sharpened.  As I watched the attendant use an iron type grinding machine to rub against the blade, it reminded me of a bible verse concerning spiritual growth.

“Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”  Proverbs 27:17

The thought came to mind that in order to become sharper and smarter we have to be enlightened through constant education.  We must constantly expose ourselves to people who are smarter and more experienced in life than we are and through this encounter we should walk away just as smart and just as sharp as they are.

Never feel intimidated or shy away from a smarter, sharper person because God may have allowed you to cross their path to build you up and it could all be a part of His “Divine Plan” to grow and strengthen you.  So welcome the encounter and grow from it.

Think about this:  No one wants to go to a school every day only to discover that you’re smarter than the teacher.  How can you grow? In life you’ll always need that teacher, coach, mentor, friend as well as your parents to be sharper than you, then as you hang around them and sit up under them you’ll become sharper. “Iron Sharpens Iron.”  

As you grow, you’ll discover that sometimes you’ll learn, and other times you’ll teach.  You’ll discover that sometimes you’re the iron being sharpened and other times you’re the iron that’s sharpening another.  God will use a person to bless you and He expects you to be a blessing to someone else simply by sharing what you know.

That could be spiritual, emotional, basic education or just good old common sense.     It’s all good! Allow yourself to be sharpened then be a friend and use your skills to sharpen another when the opportunity presents itself.

 Well the guy is finished sharpening my blade and my view of life has been sharpened as well, simply by watching someone use “Iron to Sharpen Iron.”  Be Blessed!

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