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Masking The Truth

 Over the years, I’ve notice something that I have dealt with in the past and something that my peers continue to deal with now.  Crazy thing about it is we all see it displayed all the time and expressed in many different ways, yet at the same time it doesn’t exist.  Happiness, though many are genuine when showing it, many of us wear it as a mask to hide some sort of truth. It’s crazy that I tried to avoid this post, but in the last couple of weeks things just reminded me Mask. I was playing Persona 5, a JRPG and the main theme of it was stealing hearts and being true to yourself. One of the ways they become true to themselves is by ripping off their mask and accepting who they are. We all know what a mask is but, picture how we hide behind things just to project happiness or false security to others. Have you ever noticed it in yourself or others?

Why We Wear This Mask

Many of us face problems, and that’s life, but this world runs heavily on perception. This same perception, I feel, handicap us at times and keep us from being true to ourselves. We want to be perceived in the most successful and positive light possible, and thus we create this false persona to keep the act going and the longer we keep the act going, we begin to become something we are not just to appease society and the others around us.  The mask fills a void of the things we are missing in life, and falsely gives us a sense of security, when deep down, it makes us long for those things even more. We where this masks because we feel that’s how others want to see us, and we hide how we really want to be seen. Thus the mask is a personification of all things we are influenced by and of things we influence.


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