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Meet Sherrie Silver Choreographer of Gambino’s ‘This Is America’

“This is America ” features some dance moves we all love and we really did not know Childish had it in him to pull them off. 

But we found out who is the mastermind behind the choreography of “This is America” . Meet 23 year old Sherrie Silver , Rwanda-born dancer living in England. 

WATCH : The official dance tutorial to This is America by the choreographer herself, Sherrie Silver. 

Check out this interview of her on

Coyne: Where are you right now?

Silver: I got to England yesterday. I’ve been really busy, just fighting the jet lag. I’ve gone from LA time to New York time to Turkey time to now London time, and on Tuesday, I’m going to Africa.

Coyne: For the sake of fact checking, you’re 24 years old, correct?

Silver: I’m 23, but the internet says I’m 24.

Coyne: And you were born in Rwanda, but now live in the U.K.? Or is the internet wrong about that, too?

Silver: I kind of live off the plane. I don’t like to claim any home, to be honest

Coyne: How long have you been on the road?

Silver: For about three years, since 2015.

Coyne: You’ve been getting a lot of attention for choreographing the “This is America” music video, but you had a successful career before that, too. How did you get your start?

Silver: I was actually acting before [my choreography took off]. Then I went to university, so I kind of had to make a decision: “Am I going to go off and keep doing film and acting or am I going to complete university?” because it’s hard for a university to let you take that much time out.  So, I said, let me just finish [school], ’cause I consider myself not too bad when it comes to the books.

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