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Did You Participate in National Goal Writing Day ?


#NationalGoalWritingDay was set for December 27th by our founding editor Marcus Gilmore,  just days before the year is coming to an end.

The purpose of National Goal Writing day was  to raise awareness for  people prepare for the new year that is before them. What is life without having goals to go after to make you better. No matter how small or large they are there is something in the subconscious mind that makes you go after a goal in life.

He said” what better way to prepare yourself for the new year than to write down some things you want to achieve”.

The response for #NationalGoalWritingDay was awesome and the day was made special by followers of .

Check out the goals that were written on instagram and twitter .

But if you have goals you have to find a way to achieve those goals, so we partnered with the Scheme Team to present a Free Download Guide to Great.

This is a workbook for you to put your travel, money, career and spiritual goals in and it will help you stay on track.

We hope you look forward to bigger and better things for #NationalGoalWritingDay in 2017.





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