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Random Thoughts From a Sinner : The Pearl Process

Submitted by : Shawn P

The process that the Pearl goes through is an interesting one.

Some may be unaware that The Pearl is manifested through irritation &  oysters begin to produce Pearls once an irritant such as a shell is lodged within its mouth.

As long as the shell is within the oyster, Pearls will be produced. Once the shell is on the inside of the Oyster, the Oyster begins to secrete a protective substance known as “Nacre.”  As time goes on and enough Nacre is applied, a Pearl comes into fruition.

The process of The Pearl is one that interest me because I believe a correlation can be drawn between God’s relationship with us. Without God, we are just shells. If we remain within God’s word, we will notice that he grows us through irritation. Hardships, trials and tribulations help mold us. As we go through these irritations and we remain within him, God will secrete us with his Nacre, which is Grace. Once you attain a certain level of Grace, it radiates and pervades its surroundings.

This is when you have the allure of a scintillating Pearl. Many of us want to shine bright like a diamond, but don’t want the pressure. Many of us want to be of great value like the Pearl, but don’t want the irritation. The truth is, discomfort and growth go hand in hand. Let’s embrace the irritation and remain within God’s word, so that he may secrete us with his Nacre.

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