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Random Thoughts of A Sinner: The Substance

Many of us misconstrue reality. Our perceptions are rooted within the infertile grounds of our comfort zones. The ability to change or grow is impeded by ignorance and an unwillingness to embrace the truth. We have to educate ourselves and accept reality before we can work on changing it. When you can effect or change something, substance is developed. What you work to accomplish will sustain you when temporal things pass. If action wasn’t took to attain it, then it will be fleeting. Many believe cutting corners and working less preserves energy. However, the longer you neglect the drive, the weaker the battery gets. For energy to be reciprocated, it must first be given out.

For many of our desires we would absolutely be uncomfortable with the amount of energy required and intangibles that come along with them. We have to become responsible enough to handle the responsibilities of our desires.

A lot of times we pray for God to open doors expecting him to carry us to them as well. He requires us to move, we have to walk through. Moving requires commitment.

Many of us run from commitment out of fear. We tell ourselves we will solve our issues when we attain certain resources. However, that logic is backwards. We must commit to resolve before we attain the resources.

We must find what our purpose is and direct our passion towards it.

There is a fire that burns within each one of us. A fire to achieve. However, like any fire, we must keep it lit or go cold. Doubt and comfort are extinguishers to that fire. Confidence gained through overcoming adversity emblazons that fire. That is confidence of substance. It does not fleet. Through accomplishment we become emboldened. As we grow older, the topic of conversation increasingly revolves around what you’ve accomplished. Will you have anything to say?

Many of us feel the need to turn off our humility as a defense mechanism or a means for attention. That’s not confidence, that’s a band aid of ego for your insecurity. If you haven’t noticed, it doesn’t stick for long. We are all on a journey to attain the resources to increase our options. Some begin their journey with more options than others. However, life has a way of balancing things out.

Options can create confusion. People avoid confusion. Less options can create hustle. People gravitate towards hustle.

At this point in time most of us are privy to the necessary information to succeed. We have access to the blueprints required to build. However, we disregard the work for comfort. Many of us hide our gifts to avoid the responsibility that comes along with them. We dumb ourselves down for acceptance and to avoid critique. We neglect what innately sets us apart.
We’ve confused not growing with not conforming to society’s demands or someone else’s expectations. We take the easier path and use road blocks to justify why we lack drive. The easier path leads us south and feeling enslaved. We must become convicted so that we may be free.
We must be substantive.

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