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Take a Peak Behind Great Clothing Company Brand

We have been following Great Clothing for a few years and they continue to make an impact in the fashion game. So here is quick spotlight on the Great Clothing brand as we talk with the owner Randy 

Company Name: Great Clothing Company

TCS : What inspired you to launch the Great Clothing Brand ?

Randy of Great Clothing : In 2013, we started the clothing line as a way to focus on consistently getting better and always striving to be the best version of ourselves.  Great represents that process because there isn’t truly a destination.  Starting a clothing line is somewhat of a low overhead business with lots of leverage and potential upside.  We wanted it to be the foundation of many other endeavors.

TCS: What inspires you to create your items?

Randy of Great Clothing : Anything that is timeless from pop culture, history, and just things that can capture the emotions of a certain time period.

TCS: Who are some individuals that you have connected with and are doing some inspiring things ?

Randy of Great Clothing :  Since moving to Dallas, I was afforded to opportunity to connect with a bunch of talented individuals. So here is a list of some that have been influential in what you see with Great Clothing today.

  • There was a store called Adikt in West Village that had the “streetwear fashion” and surprisingly the homie Jay from my college (FAMU) was there and he put me on game about where to go to shop in the city. From there I another guy named  Angel Acosta (co-owner of Black Market) when they were running a store called Shogun by TCU.  He also gave me some good advice as well.
  • I randomly ran across one of my high school friends Jeff Wallace at a comedy show and he plugged me with a lot of good people in the city.  He was Key in the creation of Great Clothing.
  • Tommy Jay from Centre was another creative individual who I connected with in Dallas.  He was always fresh and was working on his  own clothing brand as well.  I know it will be very successful soon  because of his vision.
  • BT Brandon Thompson (@brndnthmpsn) – one of the most talented artists in the city.  He does a lot of pieces inspired by hip hop culture with a twist, especially in the south.
  • Will Sutton is another young designer/creative that was making custom backpacks back in 2012 . He gave great insights on branding and marketing.
  • Clayton Atkins – true visionary- he knows fashion &  music like no other.   He hasn’t been wrong yet about hot music , fashion trends , and what moves to make to be profitable.
  • JonJon (@human.dior) is another influencer that I have  connected with  and also has had an impact on this GREAT journey.

TCS: What items do you plan to release in the fall?

Randy of Great Clothing :  This fall we plan on re-releasing the JFK Kennedy Piece, we also have a Black Panther inspired piece, and few more that we are keeping under wraps. We are adding sweat shirts, hoodies, matching top and bottom sets , and more women items.

TCS: How do you describe your items to someone who is new to your brand ?

Randy of Great Clothing : Simple, functional, affordable, high wearablitly, crisp designs

TCS: Who is on your team ?

TCS: What are your 5 favorite brands? keep it simple

Randy of Great Clothing :

  1. Nike
  2. Vans
  3. AG Jeans
  4. Anything My Homies Making
  5. Hanes White Tee

TCS: What are some of your favorite quotes ?

Randy of Great Clothing : 

  • Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly (RFK)
  • A man does what he must, in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers, and this is the basis of all human morality.
  • there is no reason not to be humble because as great as you can be, you can always be greater

TCS: Describe great?

Randy of Great Clothing : The desire to be great is a basic human condition. Everyone wants to be great at something or for someone.  We at Great Clothing Company know that Greatness is simple and unrestricted. Simplicity is said to be the mark of ultimate sophistication and our clothing, makes this fact.  Great Clothing Company embraces the simplicity of excellence not only with our clothes but our passion for empowerment. Greatness takes trust in yourself and those you surround yourself with. Our clothing states these foundations of quality and finesse.


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