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It’s Simple: Complacency Means Failure

Complacency is a huge issue for businesses. It could be that you are just starting out and your complacency is a matter of inexperience, naivety, lack of resource or straight up stubbornness. However, it could also be that you are a successful and established company and one that has got too big for its boots, one that has that mentality of a big financial institute that believes it is too big to fail.


Well, let us learn a lesson from Lehman Brother’s, and let that lesson be this; there are always ways to improve yourself and thus your success rate. It is just a matter of knowing where your business can – and should – improve.

Know What Is Hot

If you want to stay on top – or get to the top – then you need to understand the importance of value, and how much value you need to provide your customers. All too many entrepreneurs believe that cost is everything when it comes to a product or service. But that simply is not true. People want value, and a great way to offer that is to stay on top of current trends. Spend that little bit of time researching the market, and what your competitors are doing, and what suppliers are saying. Chances are it will be invaluable to your success rate, and that is because you’ll be offering your customers exactly what they want.

Everyone Wants Quality

We touched on it above when we mentioned value over price, and that is true here. People are not thick. They know that some quality will last longer than something cheap, and thus they will save money in the long-run. So make sure you offer quality – the highest quality – as a means of standing out from your competition. But don’t isolate this to your product or service, because you need to ooze quality in everything. You need to have a top quality web design that people will look at and be confident in. You need to have top quality copy and content, whether that be on newsletters or social media posts or whatever. You need to have quality customer service. Everything needs to be top quality.

Customer Service Is Everything

This is often cited as the biggest asset to any business in any sector, and that is because your relationship with your clients and customers is what will help you succeed. But don’t just wait for your customer to come to you with a complaint and then manage it, be proactive in every way possible. Interact with customers on social media, send out newsletters every so often that asks them what they want and how you can improve, and be responsive to every single person that contacts you no matter what medium. When you go to work tomorrow, have a look at your product or service, have a look at how your employees operate, or how something is packaged, and then figure out a way that each of these things can be improved to better serve the customer. All of these things will build trust, and trust is used to build success.


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