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[Inspiration] The Harvest Doesn’t Happen Overnight , Make Every Second Count

Contributor : A. Branch 
Just as every plant begins as a seed, every action begins as a decision. Many times when we are hungry, we want what crave to manifest now! We know the benefits of harvest, we have a true desire for it. But what happens in between seed and harvest is critical. How critical you ask?

Well think about it this way:
Years are broken down into months.
Months are broken down into weeks.
Weeks into days.
Days into hours.
And hours into seconds.

This means that every second is critical. A good life is simply an accumulation of making a good decision every second. When you think about it this way, anxiety decreases because a second isn’t that long. If you can manage to make a good decision now, and now, and now, and now and now… Congratulations, you’ve just made 5 seconds of positive progress.

The point I’m trying to make here is this: Don’t worry about the years to come, instead, make every second count. Why? Because as my friend Charity Debose would say “Harvest doesn’t happen over night.”


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