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Too Late for a New Years Resolution?

As January comes to an end, is it just me or did 2014 come very fast?

2013 was here not too long ago when I was hanging out with my friends and a guy blurted out obnoxiously “, Hey, there are 50 days left in 2013..what are you going to do with it?”

My friend to my left looked at me with the ”Did he just say that?” face. I just smiled and kept talking to the people around me, but in the back of my mind it was just registering with me that he was right. There were only 50 days left in the year of 2013.

Then, I reflected about my progress within the past year. I mean, that is what the new year is about, right? A successful year equates to accomplishing some goal you have set in the previous year, things such as : saving money , graduating from college, meeting a new, life-changing friend, marriage or something that just allows you to say “I did something in 2013!!”

Well, the night of December 31st was finally here and there were only minutes ’til midnight. At that moment, I am standing in a hotel suite with friends from high school in Dallas, thinking “What will I do in 2014 that will make me better?” At that moment, no answer really came to my mind, but I threw my hands up anyways like I had it all together. That was just for the instagram though.

But, really, this year I didn’t come up with any New Year resolutions this go-around. Dang, and hello February.

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