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Viviana Alvarez: Don’t quit your job, use it for good

When the 2010 earthquake hit in Haiti, Viviana Alvarez was sitting at her desk in the UK. Immediately, she wanted to quit her job and help – but she didn’t. Instead, she leveraged her job to make the greatest difference SHE could make.

In addition to her position as a Global Customer Service Manager, supply chain, Spain, Vivi is a Unilever Global Foundation Ambassador and the President and co-founder of an NGO called H2H, Help to Haiti. In 2010, she was driven to help the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake that struck; and inspired by the humanitarian work her brother and mother were doing there. Vivi’s story exemplifies how social entrepreneurship can thrive within a corporate environment. Four years later, H2H remains focused on delivering humanitarian and basic needs, infrastructure, education, health and micro-financing to Haitian families while Vivi leverages her real world experience to advise Unilever on how to scale up a unique business model for market development in regions they currently underserve.

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