my “Bulter” experience


The film traces the dramatic changes that swept American society during this time, from the civil rights movement to Vietnam and beyond, and how those changes affected this man’s life and family. This is a must see for African Americans, esepcially the new era of hipsters who need to see what difficult things blacks went through to recieve equal rights. The whole movie was in a parellel editing type of format, where is showed one view of black man as the bulter and the other view of a black man fighting for equal rights. I knew this movie would touch viewers after the first 2 minutes into the film. Needless to say there were more Caucasin viewers of this film when I went to go see it than African American viewers. I was also impressed by Forrest Whitaker role in the movie, as it was well played. All in all if you are looking for a film that explores the journey of blacks, with a little humor from Oprah, take time out to catch this film.

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