9 New Sports to try out this Summer

The summer is coming, and many of us would love to get in better shape. But if you can’t face the idea of early mornings at the gym, it can be worth trying something different. Now that the weather is warming up it’s the perfect time to try out some brand new sports. If you’re stuck for ideas, here Dakota Murphey gives you nine sports that you could give a try this summer.


Volleyball is one of those sports that offers an amazing combination of both a full body workout and a lot of fun. Suitable for absolute beginners and players of virtually any age, volleyball is growing in popularity throughout the UK. You can either play indoors or on outdoor beach volleyball courts, so this is a sport that allows you make the most of the good weather, but doesn’t have to be called off if it starts raining.

And these days you don’t even need live close to the sea in order to get involved with beach volleyball. London has a range of beach volleyball courts and there are more and more popping up in cities across the country.

Table tennis

Table tennis might look like a fairly static sport that’s more for fun than it is for exercise, but as you get going this can be a very fast paced and energetic game. Give it a try and you’ll soon find yourself burring away the calories as well as improving your hand-eye coordination and reflexes.


Perhaps the easiest sport to get into, there are virtually no barriers to get into running and you could start in five minutes time if you wanted to. Pick up some cheap running gear from a store like Sports Fitness and you can set off wherever you like. It’s always good with running to start with a goal in mind – maybe you could start training for a 5k run or, if you’re especially ambitious, a marathon. Of course your goal could simply be to improve your time over a set distance. No matter what you plan to achieve, running can be a fun way to get active and push yourself.


The summer is the time of Wimbledon fever, when the world’s most prestigious tennis tournament encourages thousands of people to get out onto the court to play. If you haven’t given tennis a try since school then find yourself a racket and a friend and head down to a court. It’s cheap to play and fun to get a rally going; you’ll soon find yourself improving as you channel Andy Murray.


Get outdoors and closer to nature with a canoeing session this summer. Paddling downstream is exhilarating and energetic but it’s also perfect for you even if you’ve never tried a single water sport before. Head down to your local canoe club – many offer free taster sessions.


You throw a ball to try to hit your opponents while avoiding getting hit. It might sound like assault but dodgeball is a real sport in the UK with leagues and more. But if you’re not that serious about getting into this favourite American school sport, you can arrange a one-off party or an event for your company. Either way to get some exercise while having fun.

Roller derby

Roller derby is a sport that combines elements of roller skating with rugby. Part elegance, part brutality this is a sport that’s open to anyone, so even if you’ve never learned to skate before you can get started at a taster session. Look out for your local roller derby team and if you get the chance, go and watch a game to get used to the rules and to understand how it all works.


Trampoline parks are all the rage and you’ll easily find one in the nearest big city to you. They are a bit of retro fun and you’ll feel just like a kid again. You will also burn off a surprising number of calories – research shows that trampolining is more effective than jogging.

Ultimate Frisbee

If you’re looking for a team sport with a difference, it’s definitely worth giving Ultimate Frisbee a go. Usually just referred to as ‘Ultimate’, this is a frenetic game played with a flying disc and no referees. Interested in seeing what it’s all about? Find an Ultimate team near you as most organisations are happy to teach new players.


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