Easy Ways to have a Sports Day at Home

It is a beautiful day outside, and you want to do something different. You could go for a walk or bike ride, but that seems too easy. What if we told you there was an even better option? Sports day at home. This post will discuss how to have a sports day at home with your family and friends.

Think of Sports Day Race Ideas, Competitions, and Activities

The first step is to think of some fun and engaging games to play. Think about what sports you like and pick some ideas from there. Or, if it’s a school sports day, think of the different types of races that could be organized by age group or ability level. For example:

  • Relay race
  • Obstacle course
  • Sack race  (this is just an idea for younger children such as kindergarten kids, not older ones who can run much faster)

You can also get theme costumes like baseball shirt designs for the family to wear and play games like baseball or tee-ball.

Have a Sports Day Kit for Everyone To Use

You can get all the equipment you will need in one go by buying an All Sports Day Kit. This is great if this is your first attempt at organizing something like this because it means you won’t miss anything. The best thing about these kits is that they have everything included, so there’s no running around trying to find items while kids wait for their turn.  They even come with sunblock, which is very important during summer.

Provide Food for Everyone Present

It’s always good to include some snacks along with water bottles when inviting friends over, especially younger children who may be hungry after playing games all morning long. You can get creative and make some healthy snacks if you’re unsure what to buy. This fruit platter is a great idea for kids because it’s easy to eat, has vitamins they need after all the running around, and looks attractive. Balance races

Balance Races

Another good way of making this sports day fun is by organizing balance or obstacle courses. You can design something yourself using different objects in your house like chairs, tables, etc. Or you could create an online survey with questions regarding their age group so that people know how hard/easy the course will be depending on their age.

Have Photos Taken

It would be great if someone who knows how to take nice pictures professionally took snaps throughout the event, but there are plenty of phone apps that can take good quality photos even if no one does. This way, you’ll have some great memories to look back on and share with everyone who couldn’t make it.


Organizing a sports day at home is a great way to be fun and active. You can choose from various races, games, and activities to please everyone present. And don’t forget to take plenty of photos so you can look back on this day with fond memories and share pictures with everyone who couldn’t make it.

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