How Powerlifting Transforms You Inside And Out

Powerlifting is a niche sport – something that only a small minority of people ever do seriously. Unlike other strength training activities, it’s not about getting the perfect beach body or growing massive muscles (although that can be a common side effect). Instead, it’s all about strength and personal discipline – two things that can transform your life. 


Powerlifting Teaches You How To Be An Athlete


When most people hit their gym, they have one of two goals: either they want to lose weight, or they wish to bulk up. Both of these considerations, though, are aesthetic. They have nothing to do with performance. 


Powerlifting is different. The goal isn’t to change the way that you look – it’s to increase what you can lift. Thus, powerlifting teaches you the psychology of an athlete. It doesn’t matter what you look like. The important thing is how many plates you can haul off the floor. 


Powerlifting Transforms Your Attitude To Pain


If you’ve ever squatted 400 pounds, you’ll know what we mean by this. Lifting enormously heavy weights puts a tremendous strain on your body – sometimes to the point where you genuinely think your eyes are going to pop out of your skull. Usually, the reason powerlifters make so much noise when lifting is so that they can manage the discomfort running through their bodies. The human frame just isn’t designed for the kind of strain many powerlifters put on it. 


Over time, though, you get used to the sensation. Eventually, you wonder how you ever managed to live without it. 


Powerlifting Continually Takes You Out Of Your Comfort Zone


If you’ve ever used a strength training app, you’ll know the meaning of the phrase “no pain, no gain.” You have to work hard to change your body. It won’t do anything by itself. 


Powerlifting, however, takes training to the next level. You have to continually push the limits of your lifts and try to go heavier. During training, you’ll find yourself regularly attempting personal bests and ploughing through them. It takes enormous mental fortitude and discipline to pull this off. 


Powerlifting Encourages You To Eat Better


Some people do powerlifting while eating typical junk food-filled Western diets, but professionals don’t advise it. Things like white bread and sugar chip away at your body’s ability to repair after a training session, leading to injury. 


You’re much better off, therefore, switching over to a whole food diet that includes lots of unprocessed plant foods. Steer clear of pro-inflammatory bakery items, candies, chocolates and smoked meats. Make beans the centrepiece of your diet, supplemented by plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. 


Powerlifting Forces You To Be Present


Your mind can wander all over the place during the day. You think about tomorrow’s meeting at work or what somebody meant when they said you looked “tired” at the weekend. 


Powerlifting, however, forces you to focus on the here and now. There’s no getting away from the fact that you have to lift a massive weight. It focuses the mind. 


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