Power Your Brain with 1 Hour of Table Tennis Daily

BY: Lisa J.Ritchie

We often read it many times that table tennis is one game which is not just good for the body, it is good for the brain as well. This is one game which keeps the brain healthy and fit. How?


Table tennis is said to be one of the few activities which keeps the player healthy, active and happy. It is a game which is about good spirits and healthy system. Just an hour of table tennis daily, can help you to get a longer and happier life! It is the way to power your brain and improve your mental well being.


Let us consider a few situations which control our mind or our thinking ability. Do you often feel depressed? If you are too much stress, often feel anxious and stress, try a game of table tennis. If you play 1 hour of table tennis daily, you will feel a lot of difference in your life. Playing table tennis helps to make you feel better, happier and healthier. It helps in keeping your brain active and positive.


Keeps Stress and Anxiety Away:


Stress and anxiety are the two reasons of depression. When a person faces some kind of problem on a regular basis, there is a chance of developing depression. The person keeps thinking about the negative situation or the problem again and again. This has an impact on the body and the brain. In such a situation when a person plays a game of tennis, it helps in getting relief from stress in a short time.


The game of table tennis can be played between groups of friends. It can be played singles between two people and doubles between four people. Thus, whenever there is a group or gathering or get-together, people start to play the game. It helps in keeping the mind diverted from the problems one is facing. Thus, there is a scope of removing anxiety and fear from the mind. This is a good exercise to keep the brain powered and positive. It helps in improving the functioning of the game.


Here are some ways your brain gets powered, when you play a game of tennis on a regular basis.


  • Improves your brain functioning– With an hour of tennis, there is a boost in the blood circulation of your body. Your brain gets the best dose of oxygen and helps you stay healthy and fit. Your brain functioning improves amazingly.
  • Improves concentration – Brain helps in improving the level of concentration. When a player plays the game, it needs a lot of focus and concentration. Since the player concentrates on the strike and pose of the opponent, it helps in improving focus and concentration. Just one hour of table tennis helps to exercise the brain. This helps in improving in improving the attention span of individuals, who play the game on a regular basis.


Table tennis is a perfect way to keep your body and mind fit. In fact, experts believe that it is one activity which can help to keep the brain fit, without any medicines. Thus, if you wish to improve your brain functioning and feel better, you do not have to take any medicine. All that you need to do is play table tennis just for an hour each day.


Table tennis is also a game which helps in improving the motor skills of the body. This is a way of powering the brain and feeling better. There are many studies which have revealed that table tennis is a game which helps in improving the functioning of the brain. This game is much effective than any other form of exercise which involves a lot of motivation and exertion like gymnastics, resistance training, dancing or even walking.


One of the main benefits of playing table tennis is its ability to improve the mindfulness and concentration, which is much required to keep a good eye on ball. You need to stay focus and stay alert so that you are able to keep a good check on the spinning of balls. You should never rush attack which will spoil your game. Thus, with all such activities, it will help in improving the concentration and keep your mind focused.


Author: Lisa J.Richie is a ping pong lover and expert. Having spent several years researching on the sports and healthy, finding out its health benefits and playing the game. She offers reviews, suggestions and recommendations on how to play the game. You can visit and check some of the best table options suitable for office as well as home in

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