Richard Sherman : Why do Pro Athletes have to be so careful?

Richard Sherman : Why do Pro Athletes have to be so careful?

From now on do all sports athletes have to be even more careful about what they say in post game interviews?

I did not understand why the media just went into a frenzy after the Richard Sherman on field interview. Ok maybe the comment about Crabtree was a little much, but we are talking about a pro athlete who just made the game winning play to send his team to the Super Bowl.

I was very hesitant about posting about this subject because I did not want to join all the other reporters, bloggers, and tv viewers to talk about this athlete.

Today I decided to put myself in his shoes ,which I really could not do because I am not a 6’3 corner back who plays for the Seattle Seahawks. But imagination is good for the mind. Football players play at a high intensity on the field, especially in the game that determines if your team is going to the Super Bowl or not. Their mindset is different. They are really in a attack mode that will only allow them focus on the field and about nothing else that is going on around them. Richard Sherman , a fifth round NFL draft pick makes the game winning play by knocking down the ball from Crabtree . According to Sherman, Crabtree allegedly ignored him at a charity event during the summer. Do you not think this added fuel to the fire? Now the time came to put it out on the field it was Sherman vs Crabtree for all the marbles and Sherman came out on top.

Now the field interview came shortly after the game ended and these athletes are still in attack mode and are not themselves. The interviewer comes to talk to Sherman and he just goes off not in a rude or diminishing manner but he just lets a lot out of his system at that one time. Sherman even goes back and apologizes for calling out names but does not apologize for how he felt or what he said about being talked about.

But what I found startling about it all is how social media just took that interview out of context and ran with it. Talking about his race, calling him a thug , and whatever else people could say hiding behind a computer. I don’t think this hurt Richard Sherman in anyway other than a few rude things. In fact, he became more relevant than his team and the game itself, which he pointed out that he did not like.

But why does the media have to go on and carry this situation out? Like can it just be left at that time just be forgotten? We are talking about a billion dollar sport and these billion dollar players who cant say a word after a game. That would make me not even want to interview, but they cant do that because they are required to talk to the media, it is in their contract.

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