Can These Sports Boost Your Social Life?

It’s true that watching sports in a bar or with friends at home might be a great afternoon of socializing. Spectator sports simply have that knack to bring people together. You might not mind watching a game here and there each week. But would you rather be participating? Getting active is something more of us need to do. So why not make it your mission to achieve better health and give your social life a boost too?

Golf is a sport many of us would prefer to do rather than watch. Business deals and promotions can happen out on the green. Organize your stag do. Find out if your friend had a good date. And you could even make a life-changing decision together. There are plenty of health benefits too. All that fresh air and walking (golf car aside) can offer a boost to the immune system and improve your fitness.

Ten pin bowling is a sport most of us have had a go at. It’s a great leisure activity on a Saturday. It gives you all plenty of time to chat, catch up, and eat a bowl of fries. But it can also be something to take more seriously too. You might invest in one or two hammer bowling balls, join a local league, or organize your own team. Like any sport, the more regularly you do it, the more benefits you’ll reap. And it’s the perfect way to check in with your mates each week too.

Running isn’t just for serious athletes. It can be suitable for almost anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness. It can be done anywhere, at any pace, for as long as you like. Best of all, you can still (just about) carry a conversation with your running buddy. This is a great activity to get into with your close pals. And yes, it can easily become a sport where you can compete. Think marathons, heptathlons and more.

Badminton is another sport that you might have tried once or twice. It is the quietest of the racket sports, so it’s the best for carrying on a conversation while you play. Most badminton courts are in attractive private clubs that offer pretty good club house or bar facilities for after the game too! Doubles can compete as well as singles. As it’s quite fast paced, it can also give your fitness levels a boost to get involved regularly.

Of course one of the best sports to get involved in for a great social life is baseball. Batters spend more time sitting together than being active in the game, making it perfect for a chat. The coach might not be too pleased if your head’s not in the game, though! What makes baseball a particularly good sport for your social life is the size of the team and post game activities. You can’t beat being a part of the team.

Even if you’re not a big sports fan, getting involved in one of the above activities could be a good move. It doesn’t just boost your social life or help you meet new people. It could be just the thing to give your fitness levels a healthy boost too.

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