Top 5 UFC MMA Thai Fighters

MMA fighters are arguably some of the most impressive athletes in the world. They need to be trained in a wide range of disciplines, including Wrestling, Karate, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Sanshou, Boxing, and Muay Thai. Muay Thai, otherwise known as Thai boxing or the ‘Art of Eight Limbs,’ makes use of knee strikes, elbows, kicks, and punches, therefore, using eight ‘points of contact.’ The origins of Muay Thai are debated, but one thing is for certain; it is a form of martial arts that is making a big impression in the UFC at present. Read on to discover some of the best UFC Muay Thai fighters.


Edson Barboza – Boasting a record of 19 wins and four losses, Barboza is one of the most intimidating fighters in the UFC. His wheel kick KO of Terry Etim at UFC 142 is known as one of the most stunning and vicious finishes in history, resulting in the wheel kick becoming a fad technique across the MMA. His most recent victory came in March when he beat Beneil Dariush with a flying knee.


Jose Aldo – Jose Aldo is a favorite among a lot of Muay Thai fans and, of course, UFC fans in general. Known for his lightning-fast hands and powerful kicks, he reigned undefeated for more than nine years until stopped by Conor McGregor. We eagerly await his match against Holloway on June 3rd to see if the Brazilian fighter can hold onto his UFC Featherweight Champion.


Germaine de Randamie – Germaine de Randamie clinched the first UFC Women’s Featherweight Championship in controversial fashion, as many believed Holly Holm should have won the fight after Germaine hit her on two occasions after the bell. Holm is the one who shocked the world when she defeated Ronda Rousey with a devastating head-kick. While the event against Holm didn’t do Germaine any favors, there is no denying that The Iron Lady is an exceptional Muay Thai fighter.


Anderson Silva – This list would not be complete without The Spider. Not only does he run a gym in Torrance, California that is dedicated to teaching Muay Thai, but he has one of the deadliest Muay Thai clinches in the UFC. There are plenty of YouTube videos of Silva’s clinch. If you want to learn Muay Thai training now or in the future, this signature move is a great place to start.


Carlos Condit – Last but by no means least, we have Carlos Condit, an American mixed martial artist who competes in the Welterweight division. His record stands at 30 wins and ten losses, and he is currently on a two-fight run losing streak. Despite this, he is definitely one of the most deadly fighters in the UFC, and his TKO against Thiago Alves proved that when he last won in 2015. He smashed in Alves’ nose with a standing elbow, and this is typical for Condit, as he sets himself apart by using the other four ‘limbs’ during his eight-side Muay Thai attack, i.e. his elbows and knees. It’s fair to say he has a style of his own.

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