[WATCH] Future of the Game: Baseball’s Latest Statistical Revolution


It started with batting average, home runs and RBIs. Then sabermetrics came along and introduced a new set of results-driven statistics. But results only tell half the story, and the new revolution in baseball analytics goes one step deeper to measure the actual physicality of the players – exit velocity off the bat, spin rate on a pitcher’s curveball, efficiency of an outfielder’s route to a fly ball, and a ton more.

FUTURE OF THE GAME is a new series exploring the cutting edge in sports technology, co-produced with our pals at VICE’s tech channel Motherboard. In this inaugural episode we meet the architects of MLB Statcast, a new initiative using the same technology that tracks debris during the launch of space shuttles to change the way we watch baseball on TV and give overlooked talent a second change to stick in the Major Leagues.

Source : Vice Sports

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