Who will win this year’s NFL MVP?

Now that this season’s National Football League (NFL) season is well and truly underway, thoughts are already starting to turn to who will be named the Most Valuable Player (MVP).

The MVP is a coveted position usually given to the most impressive player on pitches across the League, no matter what position they play or the team with which they’re associated.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the contenders for this year’s MVP title, what their chances of winning are – and how you can get involved in the exciting sweepstakes building up around the players jostling for the crown.

Tom Brady, New England Patriots

As the New Year rolls in, Brady is one of several NFL quarterbacks who are leading the field to take the title of MVP this time around when the winner is announced in the next calendar year.

There are plenty of reasons to think that Brady might storm home to the title. He has a very high passer rating that rivals pretty much all of his competitors, so it’s no surprise that he heads into 2018 with many pundits thinking he’s unlikely to miss out on the title.

If you fancy your chances on Tom Brady taking the Patriots to success in future games on his quest to take the MVP, you can head over to Stakers online to keep track of the odds on the team’s upcoming fixtures.

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

With his side currently being first in the NFC East league, this quarterback stands a fair chance of hearing his name read out as the winner when the announcement comes the day before the Super Bowl.

He has built a fantastic record of over 30 passing touchdowns, so it’s possible the sportswriters who make the decision will opt for him. But despite his excellent track record, Wentz faces a real problem: he’s got a knee injury. And while it was first thought that his injuries weren’t particularly serious, it has since become apparent he has experienced problems with a torn anterior cruciate ligament and a partially ripped iliotibial band.

Although he’s still at the top of the passing touchdown list, his unfortunate injury may well cause him to lose out on further opportunities to show his prowess.

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Wilson is a much-valued player for the Washington state side, and it’s clear that this quarterback is in with a decent chance of taking the top player position. He’s well known for his skills getting the ball to go through the air with seemingly effortless poise, and in recent matches it has seemed like he’s continually been on the offense for the Seahawks.

The main threat to Wilson’s chances is the performance of the rest of the side as a unit. The Seahawks may well fail to reach the playoffs, in which case it’s highly unlikely he’ll get accorded the title.

That said, he’s certainly not out of the running yet – and with the side feeling positive as the New Year rolls around, his chances are not totally destroyed.

Todd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams

Recent strong performances by this running back for the Rams have put him well and truly in the race for the MVP title. He wowed fans at the recent fixture against Wilson’s Seattle Seahawks side with a four touchdown and 180-yard success in the match, and for that reason his star has shot up.

Providing coach Sean McVay’s side continue to do well in their upcoming games, there’s a real chance that Gurley will ram the title home once next year rolls around.

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers

Although he may not be leading the field, this underdog receiver for the Steelers is in the running for his efforts helping the side surge ahead and do well. His work on building the side’s offense capabilities has meant that the team is climbing, especially given that teammates like Ben Roethlisberger’s haven’t exactly been performing to the top of their games recently. While he’s not anywhere near the favorite, he’s certainly one to consider in light of how irreplaceable he is for the side.

Ultimately, it’s clear that there are several NFL players in the running for the title. Perhaps your money is on a leading light like Tom Brady, however, there are certainly plenty of other players in with a chance of success. How about an outsider such as Russell Wilson?

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